I got internet finally!! Yay!!

So for the last couple of years I’ve been without internet at home. Well… not entirely true. You see I’ve been borrowing internet from a neighbors wifi signal. Also I had a little stint with tethering an old cell phone. But overall my home internet experience has been pretty horrible. It could literally take up to a minute or so for a page to load. Often requiring me to shut off and reconnect my wifi radio two or three times just to get a single page to load.

But I’ve been doing this for a couple of reasons. I’ve been cheap, I’ve had internet at work I can use and my ex wife screwed me over with our cable bill at our old house. It was in my name and she was supposed to pay for it but let it run up to $500.

Well I got a raise at work recently and decided it was time to take care of all of this. Considering we’re going to be extensively testing our new website pretty soon and going live with it in a couple of months, I really needed a fast reliable connection. So now I have my own high speed net connection at home and it feels awesome!! 

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  1. @Sunrise_Hope_Joy – Me too!

    @Chemalexandru – Having no internet is better in my opinion than having partial internet. Because with partial internet you try like hell to get it to work. Like squeezing the last drop out of a bottle. But with no internet, you just accept it and find something else to do.

  2. @roxics – Yeah, I agree. I experienced such situation when I tried to avail a free internet connection sponsored by the government for the public. It was as slow as a snail. So I decided to get my own connection, which Ilater on stopped the first week of november. (but now i admit i must put back internet connection to my apartment because i missed coming online on xanga. good enough, internet home connection here in Bangkok is very cheap.)

  3. Well maybe because over here the country is small, so we’re fortunate enough to have fast free wifi even in the public. And in fact, soon we’re going to have free wifi at home too. Nevertheless, yeah!!

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