I don’t fear Google+

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You would think that because my partner and I are developing SocialMore.com we would be hesitant and a little fearful of today’s announcement of Google+. This is after all Google’s answer to Facebook and social networking as a whole.

Google+ shares a few things in common with SocialMore in terms of grouping people and sharing things. But then, every new social network is going to have those things in common. So that’s not really a big concern. No doubt Google will have a lot of people wanting to use this new service of theirs. They have a good shot at dethroning Facebook or at least knocking it down a few notches. Which means we could see a whole new shift in the social networking landscape over the next few years. If history is any sign, people will become disinterested in Facebook and try out new services like Google+ and SocialMore.

So why don’t I fear Google plus? Why am I not just packing up shop and stopping development on SocialMore? The reason is simple. I think people are going to be burned out on social networking in the next couple years. That doesn’t mean it’s going to go away. No, instead it wil just become part of the fabric of the internet. In fact it always has been. People have been connecting and sharing stuff with each other since the dawn of the internet. That’s the entire point of the internet. Social networking is really just a buzz word and a set of tools that make it easier to share with people. The real power is in what those tools can do. Simple things like organizing your friends and family into groups and putting Like buttons on your stuff is just the beginning. What we intend to do with SocialMore is expand into what really matters; your content. It’s one thing to pass links around, but it’s another to get your content out there and seen by the right people.

SocialMore offers something different. Even if it doesn’t grow to be the size of Facebook or Google+ it wil certainly have its place. We’re building SocialMore because it’s something that we want to use ourselves. Something that solves a problem we’ve had for years. I know I’m teasing you right now by not telling you what that is, but there are some things we need to keep close to our chest for the moment. But I do fully believe that if you have passion and what you’re building solves a problem, it will find its place.

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