I can only imagine

Given the current state of cell phones, I can only imagine that in the next two to three years we will have cell phones that can also be used as desktop computers.

I can see using my cell phone out and about and then coming home and putting it on a dock which is hooked up to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. From there it switches to desktop mode and continues to use its wireless internet to get me online.

Why can I see this happening? Because today’s smartphones are becoming more and more like  pocket sized computers. Well actually they are pocket sized computers.

My new cell phone runs Android, a mobile operating system built by Google. It’s becoming very popular. In fact if you’re not an iPhone user, an Android phone is your next best bet. Many even prefer it to the iPhone because it’s available on a variety of phones and carriers. Well guess what? There are even people who have started running Android on netbook sized laptops. Which shows just how scalable it is.

Early next year a few cell phones will be released that use 1Ghz processors. Just to give you some scope, 95% of the netbooks you can buy today run a processor clocked at 1.6Ghz. So we aren’t that far off. The next logical step would be to allow you to use your cell phone as your desktop.

Yeah I know what some of you are thinking. They aren’t powerful enough. But truth be told four years ago people would have said the same thing about the current crop of netbooks which have taken the industry by storm. Netbooks which have put a real dent in full powered computer sales as every computer manufacturer will tell you. A lot of people just don’t need all that full sized computer power. A lot of people just want to get on the net, check their email and post to sites like Xanga. Many people are doing that kind of stuff from their cell phones today. So to be able to take your cell phone from your pocket to your desk with a bigger screen and full sized keyboard from time to time… well… I can see how that would be appealing.

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  1. …and here I am with a $50 phone that I can’t do shit with… :(  I can see it now  (fade to dream sequence)
    I’m sitting in an office waiting for my turn to be called and in the waiting room, everyone has these mini-computer phones and I’m stuck with a candy bar phone that only allows me to text!

  2. it would be sweet to have a cellphone in which i could do everything i could do with my laptop and or desktop the perfect “All in One” i agree it’s probably not that far off

  3. i dotn doubt it at all. ive seen it coming over the last few years. everything is getting smaller and combining. phones, mp3 players, laptops, cameras…. its gonna all be one little gadget soon..

  4. I’ve thought about this very thing constantly. I have a G1 (which I adore for the hardware keyboard). It really won’t be long now before what you speak of happens.

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