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You can believe in God without believing in religion. I’m a sort of deist and that’s basically where I’m at. I grew up a Catholic and then spent many years as an atheist. I realized that going from one extreme to another didn’t do me any good. But I did learn things from both sides.

From the Christians I learned about moral tales, faith, dreams and putting my hopes and fears into the hands of something greater then myself.

From the atheists I learned about logic and reason, reality and science. I learned to be skeptical.

I fell into being a deist before I even really knew what the word meant. I just sort of came to it naturally. When I learned that it described what I basically believed I adopted the word, even if it’s not a complete fit. It’s just a word like anything else. An easier way to explain yourself to others if they already know what it means. But even then I’m finding it might be easier to coin my own word to describe my personal beliefs. So I’ve done just that. See the last paragraph of this entry for more on that.

I can’t tell you what’s wrong and what’s right, beyond what I’ve learned about life. Things that you can also test yourself. But I can tell you what I have learned and what I believe. Maybe some of it will jive with you and maybe it won’t. So here is just a brief, very brief, description of both.

I’ve learned that by nature, we as human beings are generally good people. We begin life as innocent children with only basic needs and open eyes and minds.
I have learned that there is truth and logic in the universe.
I have also learned that through science we can help discover the world around us.
I have learned that things seem to happen in clusters. Sometimes one thing after another goes right for you and sometimes one thing after another goes wrong for you.
I have learned that some weeks are good and some weeks are bad.
I have learned that some days are longer when others fly by. As if our clocks are not fully capable of measuring the full function of time.

I believe that God does exist.
I believe that God’s word is written in the world around us, for all people to see and discover since the beginning.
I believe that faith is not a requirement. It takes no faith to see the world around you, it is simply a fact.
I believe that truth beyond personal perception is the word of God.
I believe that asking questions is a way of learning.
I believe that all questions have answers, but sometimes the answers are not listed above.
I believe that religion is a guided bus tour for those that don’t want to get their feet dirty. But it doesn’t stop to see all the sights.
I believe that atheism is the extreme of skeptical thought.
I believe that mercy is the greatest thing in the universe.

This is only a small cross section of what I have learned and what I believe.

Some of you may remember that a while ago I started writing/creating a blog web site about my beliefs. That beyond the word “deism” I labeled my beliefs as “*ism” where the * takes the place of the actual word that is the website address I don’t yet want to give out. Well it’s something I’m still working on. I will give out that web address when I feel there is enough there to merit it being its own website. I don’t want anyone to run a google search and discover the site if I give out the word. It’s premature. But I’m hoping that when I do launch the website, perhaps it might give others like myself something to read and think about. It’s not a religion, it’s just my own beliefs laid out in full explaination. Which takes quite a bit of time to write.

I know there are many people in today’s world that fall somewhere in the middle. People who, like myself, have a hard time accepting religion and all the contradictions and rules. While at the same time, these people find an uneasiness about atheism’s cold hard skepticism. I want this website to outline what I personally believe, which falls somewhere in the middle. Perhaps others might take something away from it themselves. Maybe they won’t. Either way it will serve as my own personal place to store my beliefs, open to others to read if they like.

I’ll keep you updated if you’re interested.

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  1. Im interested. I kind of feel the same way. I am stuck somewhere between the cold hard truths of atheism and the comfort yet skewed ideals of faith. I don’t know yet where I stand. What I do know is that I don’t believe in organized religion because it causes way too much divisiveness and hate among groups of people. Other than that, I have yet to define my beliefs. 

  2. This statement: “I believe that truth beyond personal perception is the word of God” reminds me of something I read in my philosophy class recently. I’ll have to look it up to be sure which theist/theologian said that. I believe it holds much truth.

    Like yourself, I’m in the middle as well. I’ve never completely swayed away from my Catholic upbringing just several of the church’s practices. I’m still searching and questioning as I get closer and closer to what I think will completely compose my beliefs. Thank you for keeping us updating. I don’t mind hearing what you’ll discover in the time to come…

  3. … you know where I am, of course.  I still admire the way you can place your feelings and thoughts into words.  This post was written really well.  I can’t believe even “I” don’t know the web address LOL, but hey… I get to hear your voice and look into your eyes when you tell me things, so a web-site means jack to me.

    I do feel lost myself, however sometimes there’s bliss in ignorance…

  4. I am very interested, and would love to read updates about your search, as well as this website you mentioned.  I definitely fall somewhere in the middle.  I have called myself a deist before, though I am not sure if that is where I fall anymore or not.  There is part of me that wants to believe a God exists, yet there is also a part of me that has trouble believing a God exists.

    Thank you for posting this.

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