How To Wear Menswear (Without Actually Looking Like A Man)

What’s up with this? Don’t women have enough clothing? Do they really need to be wearing guys clothing as well?

You don’t see similar articles for men titled “How to wear woman’s clothing without looking like a woman”.

So I’ve decided to write one. Here you you go:

How to wear woman’s clothing without looking like a woman

“Dear AskMike,
I really like some of my girlfriends clothing and would love to wear some of it. Maybe even buy some of my own. But how do I wear it without looking like a woman?

Nada Crossdresser”

Uh. You don’t. The entire point of wearing woman’s clothing is to pull off a female appearance. Otherwise, why not just wear mens clothing?

You might not like it but society already has predefined notions of what is male and what is female. You can certainly wear whatever you like, more power to you. But you must examine the logic in trying to wear a woman’s clothes without going for a female appearance. The same is true for women who wear men’s clothing.”

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  1. I sometimes wear men’s clothing, however I agree about the fairness of it all.  A women can pull off wearing a man’s shirt or a pair of jeans here and there, but a man can not. 

    Maybe we should just let it lay where it is.  I mean wanting to be equal is all good, but sometimes we need what’s ours to stay ours.  Like clothing.  We should just wear clothing that is made for our sex and let the sleeping dog sleep.

  2. Well no, the point is to wear “menswear inspired” clothing.  The article never actually suggests wearing real menswear (it cautions against it, in fact).  So the menswear trend is intended to make the wearer look even more feminine through contrast with the more typically masculine-styled clothing.  It’s like standing next to a very large person to appear smaller in comparison.   

    Similarly, a big buff guy in a skimpy dress looks ridiculous to us precisely because the contrast between his physique and his clothing emphasizes how male he is.  Unfortunately though, the contrast is not nearly as aesthetically appealing to most of us (I don’t know why this is; I just know that while a girl in a men’s dress shirt and panties looks pretty hot, a man in a negligee does not). 

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