How Old Is Your Body?

Scientists have discovered that the human body replaces all of its atoms over the course of seven years. With that said, you are not the same physical person you were seven years ago.

There must be something in our genetics, some form of genetic or physical memory that keeps our bodies on the same path, otherwise we would probably never age. This is kind of an interesting idea. If scientists could find a way to pause this effect and regenerate our dying cells we could essentially stay the same age forever. And yes they are already working on this.

But anyway that’s a heavy topic for another time. Lets just say that my girlfriend was pleased to discover that her breasts are younger then a 20 year old.

Here’s how you figure it out

0-7 years old – 1 body
7-14 years old – 2nd body
14-21 years old – 3rd body
21-28 years old – 4th body
28-35 years old – 5th body
and so on.

Which means if you’re 30 years old your breasts are younger then a 21 year old.

I know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t all add up. But it’s kinda fun to think about.

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  1. This is very interesting… I’m so glad we had this discussion.  I told you before and I will continue to tell you;  You are a very intelligent being.  I love digging inside your brain!

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