0 thoughts on “How do you spell women’s’?

  1. it all depends on if it’s a womans possession or if there’s more women with things.  Woman is singular and women is plural, so… it all depends.  But you’re right, the browsers are dumb

  2. Very funny. Esp. the disagreeing comments.

    Your first and third versions are never correct. If you’re shooting for plural possessive, your second  form,  women’s, was correct.   I don’t know why you’re getting an error during spell check. Microsoft Word has no problem with “women’s” and neither does the Xanga editor.   

    So here are some examples with the correct usage of the four forms:  That  woman is  a ____.  A  woman’s ___ is ___.  There are  many women who won’t  ___. And, If you think  all women’s ____ are created equal, you’re just ____.  .  .

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