Homosexuality and Sin

According to the bible homosexuality is a sin. A lot of Christians these days woud have you believe that it is a sin greater than any other sin. At least the way they seem to talk about it and rally against it. Of course if that were the case one would think it would be one of the ten commandments. But it’s not. They also seem to forget that according to them we are all sinners. Chances are we will always be sinners. Because even if you get saved, that doesn’t mean you become a perfect being free from committing sin again. So technically you’ll always be a sinner until the the moment you’re dead and can no longer make any choices here on earth.

But beyond all of that, we have to ask a serious question. Because if God considers homosexuality an abomination, why? It seems that most Christians just take this at face value. God says it’s a sin so it is a sin. But what kind of god would give us a brain that can deduct reason and logic and ask us to just take something at face value without a very solid explanation? Why is homosexuality a sin? When we look at it from a purely scientific perspective it does not seem to be harmful in the least bit. It doesn’t hurt anyone. It occurs elsewhere in nature. The only thing is doesn’t do is procreate. But neither do straight couples most of the time they are having sex and neither do straight couples with medical conditions who can’t have kids at all.

But there are so many various scenarios that could be done to promote procreation alomng side homosexuality/bisexuality. For instance a bisexual couple could be married and have an open marriage where they have sexual relations with the same sex. Basically swingers who invite other couples/singles over to play. So they have children together but then go off and have same sex fun as well. Another example would be a man with two wives who like to dike out while he’s having sex with both of them. Plenty of room for procreation there. Perhaps even in the same night. Of you could have a gay couple who donates sperm to a lesbian couple. Once again, procreation. Last but not least you could have a man or a women who had their children in a straight marriage and after they got older and the kids grew up, they got divorced and went and started a relationship with someone of the same sex.

So procreation is kind of poor example to use against homosexuality/bisexuality. Because it’s still possible. After that what is really left? What actual reason is there that homosexuality is bad?

6 thoughts on “Homosexuality and Sin

  1. I don’t think I will ever understand the stance so many Christians have on homosexuality.  I don’t think it is meant to be understood.

  2. In my opinion, going by the bible, God specifically created man and women to have sex with each other, in marriage, and not for same sex gender to have sex. God has that right to declare what his creation is created for. Now if God doesn’t exist, then the question is moot.

  3. I think the “can’t procreate” argument is the only one with any sway. But since there are 6 billion humans on earth, maybe it’s okay if a few of us don’t have kids….

  4. @GreekPhysique – I don’t think you can look at it that way. I think you just have to say “it’s exists, it’s possible” and then examine whether it is harmful or not. 

    I don’t personally believe there is any “benefit” to homosexuality necessarly. I think it’s more of a null thing. It neither does good or bad. It just is. As a result demonizing it is not the proper approach. Neither is promoting it. 

    @musterion99 – Yeah technically according to the bible. 

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