I’ve got some gear lust kickin. For what? A turntable. More specifically a Technics 1210 (black model).

Here is a picture:

You might need to click it to see the whole thing.

It’s not that I’m some huge audiophile (maybe a little bit – looks over at Grado headphones) or a DJ who wants to spin. Maybe it’s just that I had a turntable when I was growing up. Maybe I just miss the texture of the groves on the tip of my fingers or some of the cool things that can be done with vinyl, like such:

Or maybe I’m just really fascinated that after nearly 100 years vinyl is still out there. With new records being made and pressed even today. Makes you wonder if it will ever die. Something tells me no.

Being the youngest of four kids I have a lot of family history. Especially considering that my brother and sisters were born in the middle of the 1960’s. As such they have vinyl records that were back from the seventies and early eighties. Last summer my mom had a garage sale and tried selling off a crate of old 45’s my family has had since before I was born. I took them and put them someplace safe. In fact just yesterday I was down in my mom’s basement and I found a 33 of Prince 1999. Sweet. It’s kinda scratched up, but what the heck.

I’m also fascinated by the customizing you can do with these players.

But I always think it’s neat when something old can be updated and made new again.

Last night I set up my stereo receiver, CD player and hooked up my loudspeakers. I lit a couple of candles, put on a CD and laid back in bed listening. It’s been so long since I’ve played a song that wasn’t coming from an droning computer or a portable MP3 player. It was really nice. I’d like to add a warm turntable to that mix and start a collection of some classical and rock music on vinyl.

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  1. I’d love to have a pair of those plus a mixer so I could play DJ in my basement. ELO is my favorite band of all time, they had so many awesome hits.

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