Her friends hate me

I really don’t understand. But for some reason, none of my girlfriends female friends have ever liked me. No matter which girlfriend I’ve had. I want them to like me, but apparently I am incredibly awkward with women. I come off a creepy, controlling and introverted. Yet my girlfriends have always seen me as exactly the opposite which is exactly how I see myself.

I want to get along with my girlfriends friends, but it’s difficult when one of them thinks I’m creepy because my eyes are so dark brown they look almost black, another one things I’m gay and controlling, even though I’m definitely not gay and certainly not controlling.

There has always been something that makes these women not like me and never feel comfortable around me. yet strangely, there are plenty of women who I have been friends with or who were girlfriends of my friends who do not at all feel this way toward me. So why is it that I always get stuck with girlfriends who have friends that hate me? Why can’t I get girlfriends girlfriends who make me birthday videos like my friend Josh or girlfriend girlfriends who want to sleep with me like some guys get. Even though i would never do it.

I get along with my one boss at work really well. She tells me how laid back and relaxed I make everyone feel, especially when I am directing clients during shoots. Yet many girlfriends girlfriends hate me, even when I try to reach out to them and be friendly.

I know I’m a quiet guy. I don’t say a whole lot. That doesn’t make me an asshole. I just don’t feel the need to talk all the time like some people do. I’m the type that is perfectly fine sitting at a bar drinking a beer and not saying anything to you. If that makes you uncomfortable I’m sorry. I have a lot on my mind and not always the best way to express it. Must someone talk all the time and have a smile on their face all the time for us to like them? That just seems to shallow.

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  1. Girls don’t usually like the man that her friend has, I think is mostly envy and the feeling that you’re stealing her from them.  I don’t have many female friends because girls tend to hate me but the one I have is never happy with th guy I pick.

  2. Hate is a strong word.  

    No, not hate.  I don’t think they hate you.  Hate and love are a fraternal twin, they succeed one another all the way.  In order to hate someone we have to love someone first, or if not love at least knowing someone first.

    They maybe uncomfortable around me for one or two reasons or for unknown reason, but that’s not hate.

  3. My friends never like my boyfriends/guys I date either.  The one they did like, they didn’t actually like either – they thought he was fun to hang out with, but found him to be a really terrible person and boyfriend.

    Many people are generally uncomfortable with silence in a world today where people are always communicating.  Even if they’re not exercising their vocal cords, they’re still almost never silent.  Makes em nervous that someone could actually be comfortable by him/herself with their thoughts.

  4. Quit being such a dick. Only kidding. I clash with people, always have. I have an anti-social disorder, I guess, but when you put alcohol in me I don’t shut the fuck up.

  5. Depends on their “type” of guy. One of my best friends and I have the COMPLETE opposite ‘type’ of guy that we like. It’s nice that we never compete for a guy at least, but we tend to hate (and actually hate, not just dislike) the other’s boyfriend. She likes big, chubby, cocky, arrogant, egotistical (and sometimes sexist), knuckle-headed men who are all about using people and thinking all women want to screw them. I like thinner, quiet, modest guys with intelligence and humor. Even a little shy is good for me.

    Thus, we naturally hate who the other is dating. Her first fiancé made me want to kick his teeth in and I repeatedly cussed him out. Her current fiancé is damn near worse and I hate the piece of shit. Hate. When I was younger and dated, she got in multiple fist fights with my then-boyfriend. She’s never liked anyone I’ve been involved with. We just deal with it :-.

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