When I was a christian I often thought much about heaven and what it might be like, how it would work and why.
So lets examine some of those previous thoughts.

We’re all aware of the stereotypical palace in the sky concept of heaven. This idea of angels flying among the clouds. A beautiful skyscape of white light and love. Probably manifested from people looking into a sky filled with puffy white clouds on a beautiful day. Wondering what it might be like to lift off the dirt and grim of the earth and float up into those huge cushions in the sky.
But I think most of us can agree that this idea of heaven is fairly unrealistic.

So then, what is heaven like? What do you think it’s like, should it actually exist?

I often thought to myself that heaven has a problem. The logic doesn’t fit. It can’t possibly be a utopia of good feelings and love abound where nothing bad every happens. Every good writer knows that a good story requires conflict. We cherish the good times in life because we contrast them with the bad. We crave this contrast. If it doesn’t exist we invent it. We create drama. We are entertained by destruction. Be it natural disasters or man made. We can’t pull our eyes from it. We define our character through our triumph over it. So why and how then does a place exist that is void of these things? Wouldn’t such a place be stale and boring over time?

The bible many times speaks about heaven in plural. As if there is more than one or several layers to the one.
As explained here:

The 1st heaven, Shamayim, borders the Earth and is ruled by the Archangel Gabriel. This is the lowest of the heavens. It is closest to Earth and acts as a shading agent. It is also known as the ‘promise land.’

The 2nd heaven, Raquia, is ruled by the Archangels Raphael and Zachariel. It is where fallen angels are imprisoned waiting final judgment in complete darkness.

The Third heaven, Sagun, is ruled over by Archangel Anahel and is the residence for Archangel Azrael, the Islamic Angel of death. Hell lies within the northern boundary (punishment) and the Garden of Eden within the southern boundary (reward).

The 4th heaven, Machanon, it is ruled by Archangel Michael, “Is the site of the heavenly Jerusalem, the holy Temple and its Altar and is thought to be where the Garden of Eden is actually housed, not in the third heaven.

The 5th heaven Mathey is the seat/home of God, Aaron, and the Avenging Angels. This region has no firm ground above or below.

The 6th heaven, Zebul, is ruled by Archangel Zachiel. This is home to the seven phoenixes and the seven Cherubim who sing the praises of God. It is the angels University of knowledge where they study and learn mankind.

The 7th heaven is the holiest of the holy heavens. Araboth is ruled by Archangel Cassiel and is home to God and his Divine Throne. It is also the abode of human souls waiting to be born. It is also home to the highest orders of angels – the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones.

But then there are those who believe that heaven is on earth. It’s just a matter of what life you’ve been dealt. That you may in fact be reincarnated many times over.

What do you think heaven is like, should it exist?

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  1. The place of our dreams seems to me the place of our afterlife too.  But yeah… the religious version of Heaven sounds a bit hokey to me… but certainly a possibility for the minds that envision it.  I just wouldn’t visualize it that way.  Too boring.

    By the by… where did you get those descriptions of the Heavens?  They actually sound rather like other worlds for better or worse.  And Raqia… hmm…  isn’t that where the Djinn are supposed to reside?  Seems there was a mention of this in Ezekial but I can’t recall exactly how that went and don’t have time to dig into it at present.  I just don’t think it was in the regular Bible but rather in some of the Summerian lore on which the Old Testament of the Bible is based… something Zacharia Stitchin wrote about.  Have you read any of his works?  Fascinating stuff if a bit on the heavy side.

  2. i believe in heaven. i like to think heaven is all pos. why would you want neg things in heaven? sure life has neg and pos moments, but that was life. heaven isn’t about being alive and living, you already did that. i’d like take my heaven without neg things.

    i like to think that heaven is what we all dream of. like we each have our heavens of things that make us happy.


  3. What do you think heaven is like?

    It’s beyond our comprehension. I Cor. 2:9 – But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

  4. I think heaven will be on Earth, yeah, because we were created for Earth. Earth, the universe, whatever. The physical plane. I always liked CS Lewis’s take on heaven in “A Problem of Pain”… the chapter titled “Heaven.” He expounds on what you stated, that we won’t lose all the negative things… some negative things are good in their own way.

  5. @Ampbreia – I remember a book I read about a year ago that mentioned these things. I wish I could remember the book. But I looked the terms up online. 

    I don’t really know much about Djinn, but based one the description of that second heaven, it sounds like a place they might be.

  6. The Bible also says they’ll be no marriage in heaven and that men and women will not be united. Drats, no sex in paradise… isn’t that a little messed up?

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