Guys shaving their arm pits

Do you have an opinion on this?

Every once in a while I’ll shave my arm pits just because I’m in the mood. This time I did it because it’s been really humid out and I’ve been wearing a lot of tank tops. My arm pit hair can get long and bushy and I just don’t think it looks very good creeping out between my arm and my chest.

So any other guys that shave their pits? Do you do it all the time or just here and there? Girls, do you have a preference for your guys?

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  1. Honestly, I have never seen a guy that has shaved his armpits. I once dated someone that shaved his legs every now and then. The only preference I have is that my fiance shaves or at least trims down stairs.

  2. I’m pretty neutral on it.  Certainly, it seems it’d be cooler/less smelly in the summer to shave (less surface area for bacteria to die on), but guy armpit hair also amuses me (because it’s hair!  Under your arms!  Like, a LOT of it! What if you made little armpit braids, how ridiculous would that look?).  Anyhow, I dislike being pressured to do stupid things about my appearance, so I try not to pressure other people and leave the decision up to them.

  3. I trim. I don’t think a complete shave there would be the best option for a guy. Unless, of course, it’s one of those “metrosexuals” – which is an euphemism for “allegedly straight man that looks like a homo.”  

    If you got bushes sticking out from under your arms, visible even when your arms are tucked in to your sides,  I think a little trimming would help. But, to each his own.

  4. @Unstoppable_Inner_Strength – What is with people and the word homo lately? I got called a homo on here by someone because I accept gay marriage. How that makes me a homo I have no idea. But whatever.

    Personally, I don’t think it matters. Your sexuality should never be called into question just because you shave your arm pits. That would be like me saying “hey you’ve got bush on your pussy, you must be a lesbian.”

  5. @roxics – Chill, man. I guess if I see a guy with his eyebrows trimmed, either no facial hair, or very stylishly trimmed mustache/goatee,  and he’s wearing a brightly colored satin shirt that’s 2 sizes too small, and walking with that characteristic swagger in the hips, then I’d question the guy’s sexuality. The armpit thing would have to be one element among several.  It just came to mind as *one more thing* that someone like that might be into.

  6. Armpit hair on a guy doesn’t bother me in the least, it’s the odour (with/without hair) that needs to be taken care of. If you want to shave your pits, go to town and deal with the possible side effects (I have a blocked pore due to shaving my armpits, it’s not fun). Shaving is a great way to get ingrown hairs as well. I’m also married to a hairy beast of a man, so it’s not high on my OMGZ GROSSNESS radar.

  7. I can’t have a firm decision on this.

    I hate armpit hair because I think it looks disgusting even though it’s natural but if a guy shaves his armpits, I don’t like it either. =/ I feel like it’s less manly of them. I don’t know.

  8. I’d prefer if he was hairless from the neck down but that is just for a significant other because he looks cleaner and sexier. I don’t think guys with no body hair are gay. too much hair grosses me out. on guys in general, if he is wearing sleeveless shirts, then hair poking out isn’t appealing, so shave. I’m not forcing a s.o. to shave though but I think if he expects me to be hairless where it counts then he might have the courtesy to do the same.

  9. I’m surprised that more men don’t shave more areas of their bodies. I really liked that the last male friend I dated (and really fell for) trimmed his pits, chest, and arms & shaved his back and balls (I cant emphasize enough how much the latter two improve sex). And… he was very, very, masculine, muscular, & fdny..(just not hairy!)

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