0 thoughts on “Growing my hair out.

  1. styling cream… after you get out of the shower… just a little… you can push your hair the way you want it to go and then when it’s dry it wont even look like you did anything to it ;)

  2. Oh, geez. I hate those times too…. You just wish it would finally grow already.

    When it’s just been a couple of weeks and its four inches longer. Haha.

    Recently, I had grown my hair out to about my elbows…. after it had been just to my shoulders. It hit to about an inch past my shoulders and it would not seem to grow, and would not do anything…. this is when I started wearing the blue clip-in hair things…. Of course, I’m an extremist when it comes to style…. but that’s what got me through.

    I myself am a former hairstylist, and I have to say that I cannot offer you a cure to the awkward inbetweens, we all face it when growing our hair out…. But I will agree with the other comment about styling cream. Or hats, if you’re a hat person….

    There is no true way to make your hair grow faster unless you invest in the vitamins to do so — and this does not just mean the hair on your head…. this is hair all over your body that will be effected. So I would suggest patience, and a lot of ways to fool people into thinking it looks good when it will do nothing in the morning. =)

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