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Yay! I finally got my invite to google voice. This is so cool. The only downside seems to be that I can’t make outgoing calls through google voice unless I call my own phone number. Kind of a hassle. But I hear there is an app for windows mobile or Android that will route all outgoing calls through my google voice number. That wy all my outgoing calls people gets show up as my google number rather then my cell number. But I don’t have a phone that uses either of those OSes.

Anyway I’m thinking about doing something interesting using google voice for a xanga entry. There is a web widget for google voice that allows people to call me through my website without them knowing my number. It connects their phone to mine. Because google voice transcribes all my voicemail to text and allows me to download that voicemail to Mp3, I was thinking about starting a xanga entry based on a given topic and allow you guys to call in and leave me a voicemail with your opinion/point of view on that topic. Then posting that audio and text as a new entry. Sort of like a call in show without the two way communication. 
My question is, how many of you would be willing to call in? What would be the best topic or the most likely topic you would call in and leave your opinion on?
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  1. I got mine too.  Hit me up with your number, so I can add it to my phone books (google and cell)

    If your topic is something I’d be able to pop off about, I’ll call in.

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