Good looking xanga guys

Lets try something different and a little gay.
Reply here with a link to some xanga guys you think are good looking.

I want to rank these guys according to who I (as a guy) think is best looking.
So basically I’m just asking for your help in finding these guys.

I want to see how well my tastes match those of the ladies.

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  1. This is all I’ve got out of the very few that actually show their faces:

    It might be a higher number but most of my male friends here don’t show their faces in their avatar, so I have no way of knowing how they really look.  Why do so many people hide their faces here?  I hate that.  I’d like to know what the person I’m talking to actually looks like.  Grr.  Anyway, thank you very much for not being among the face hiders.  You’re a rare breed.

  2. If we want a real range of attractiveness (according to you) then shouldn’t we suggest more than just who we think are attractive? What I’m saying is, why not name off different types of guys as opposed to various attractive guys?

    Here are guys I know who I’d like to see included:ChrisRusso, SirNickDon, VaneDave, DearRicky, TheBigShowATUD, Crevis05, Ancient_Scribe, CitizenDon, Patman739, No1CharmerLondon, RoadLessTaken, MagisterTom, SpokenThruScott, GodlessLiberal, Paul_Partisan, DoubleDB, ZeroWing21

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