Gone are the old days

Unfortunately I lost the roxics.com web site address. I owned it for four years and all was fine and good. Then this past year I stopped using hotmail and switched to gmail as my primary email account. It’s been a good while since this switch and I’ve found I only check my hotmail now about once a month. However my Dotster (my old domain register) still had my old hotmail address and sent my reminder to renew email to there. I didn’t get it in time. The domain went public and someone else bought it. It’s unfortuante. Who would buy it that quick. It can only be a cold hearted cybersquatter who wants nothing more then to just put up some stupid search page and try to makes pennies off of it. It should be illegal to do that.

Now I had to register roxics.net in it’s place. I will register all my domains for 10 years now. Just to make sure.

People are telling me they like the .net better. I hope so, it’s what I’ve got.

It’s not like the domain name meant lot to other people. But it did to me. I invented the word roxics. It was the name of a character in a story I’ve been writing for half my life. I adopted that characters name as my online identity and call sign for the last 5-6 years. It’s a sentimental thing. My calling card. Now I don’t even own the .com to it anymore. It just irks me to no end somebody would come along and grab it up that quick just because.

Ok I’m done bitching. Please forget about the dot com address. Never visit it again. By visiting it you’re only enabling the company/person who grabbed it into thinking they did the right thing because people will visit it and they’ll make money off that. So forget about the dot com. The dot net it where it’s at now. Tell everyone abotu roxics.net.