Going public with my Xanga

I’m thinking about going public with my Xanga account. It’s been locked down for nearly two years now. I would like to get on the front page again. I could use some more readers. But I’m still thinking about it.

One of the reasons I locked it down to begin with was because of the annual xanga booty contest I’ve held the last couple of years. But I won’t be doing one of those for 2011. So… what’s the point in keeping it locked down?

However it does mean no more nudity and nothing too extremely racy in subject matter.

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  1. @looking_inside_me – Oh no problem. The more the merrier. If you can’t tell already I’m pretty open with the world about who I am, what I like and what I believe in. But when i was doing the annual booty contest I locked my blog down so that people who contributed pictured of their butts wouldn’t have them all public on the internet. Even though technically it’s a very thin line of security to begin with, but still.

    @aqua_aiko – That’s actually a great idea. Except in reality, it hasn’t worked as well for me. Remember my roxicsunderground account? I still have it. I built it to post all the racy stuff and use this account for the non racy stuff. But having to manage two different groups of friends/subscribers kind of sucks. That account doesn’t have nearly as many subscribers as this one and so you end up feeling like you aren’t getting your stuff out to as many people on one account as you are on another. So I just ended up defaulting back to this one.
    Come February next year none of this will be a problem because I’ll be leaving xanga. But until then, this is how it goes.

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