Going drag, shaving the legs, being the man

Last Thursday I shaved my legs. Because I do crazy shit sometimes. The first day/night they were really sensitive and felt strange as my jeans and sheets rubbed against them. Almost annoying. But they got better. My girlfriend was mad. She said they were smoother than hers. Of course they were, I haven’t been dragging a razor against them for years.

For some reason tonight they felt really good in the shower. I felt the water running down them and it was getting kinda steamy and not just from the hot water. I was about to have sex with myself for a second there. ;P

Last night I went out with my buddy Dan to the gay bar gay bar. I went in drag. Hey my legs were already shaved. To be honest I just wanted an excuse to wear leggings to the bar and show all the gay boys what they couldn’t have. But if you wear leggings you have to wear high heels, to accentuate the ass. And of course you must be modest, so a long sweater is the best option. Guys sweaters aren’t long and don’t come down mid thigh, so a womans wool sweater was in order. One with a little belt that goes around the waist. From there you might as well put on some pink sparkly lipstick and brown mascara and make a night of it.

So I did.

Fucking five inch platform heels (womens size 16) are no easy task, but I was managing to run down the street in those damn things. So kudo’s to me for whatever strange kind of leg muscles I had developed over time to be able to accomplish that.

Men if you’ve never worn five inch platform heels all night… you’re a pussy! Get with the picture.

At the very least you’ll develop some level of sympathy for womens toes.

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  1. Lol! I normally don’t go out in heels if I know Im going to be out all night.

    But damn, the few times I did. My toes curl in fear thinking about it.

  2. @OhMissKett – The only pictures I have are before we left and it was when I was also wearing a wig and fake tits. I ditched both of those because I was like “I’m not a girl, I don’t want to pretend to be a girl. I just want to wear the clothes.” 

  3. I think my boyfriend shaves his legs every other day, I’m about every 3rd day. He started because of cycling (it’s easier to clean wounds if there is no hair… cycling shorts are more comfortable too) but he kept it up because he just liked it. A couple years ago he went as a woman for halloween but we couldn’t find femme shoes that were big enough. 

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