God and Television

Dear Christians and religious types the world over.
It occurred to me last night as I was watching a movie I’ve seen plenty of times before, that I am wasting my time. Although I may enjoy this movie, I have already seen it. There is nothing new to be experienced here. Yet so many of us do this.

I began to wonder. Is this what life really is, people sitting on a couch every night watching movies they’ve already seen, reading books they’ve already read and listening to music they’ve already heard? What is the point to any of that? How does any of that play into the grand scheme of the universe?

Are we just here to survive and be entertained? Even playing card games is a repetitive thing.

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  1. They keep me alive day to day basis. Like you said, what is the point? Well since I cannot find the true purpose to stay awake every morning after a couple hours til my youngest wakes up, I began to find those helpful to waste my time, making it useful. 

    I questioned my family why bothered for me to clean the house when the moment children and my boyfriend return home from school/work, they trashed it up immediately? What is the point of putting all my time and effort to clean when I know it will just get messy again?
     [[ I know the good idea of cleaning is to get rid of germs, etc but I meant as my time and effort goes to a waste, what the purpose in that? ]]

  2. We forget things. I think humans need repetition to remind them of things they’ve already learned. And some pastimes are just meant to be enjoyed. Like, I might canoe the same river multiple times.. maybe it’s just a beautiful river and I want to experience it again.

    Sorry, I’m not a Christian so this probably isn’t addressed to me. But I think life is meant to be enjoyed. We need stimulating new experiences but we also might want to revisit old experiences that were worthwhile. But if you aren’t getting something out of an activity, then you should do something else.

  3. I agree. I’ve been slowly trying to eliminate pointless repetitive things like movies and music from my list of activities. If hollywood produces something truly new and compelling i am not opposed to making an exception.

    The point here is (from the perspective of the “Religious Type” you addressed this to, that there should be -and is- more to life than mere survival and entertainment. Thats why many people flock to “religion”; so they can find some deeper meaning to life. Whether we are right or wrong about our beliefs, at least Christians, and people of other faiths, have the happy illusion of purpose beyond our own entertainment.
    Great thought!

  4. This occurred to me. too, some time ago.  So, I have largely moved away from televsion, towards returning to more meaningful, physical activity.

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