Goals for 2009

1. Grow my hair out. Don’t get it cut, just dead ends removed. This is going to get harder the warmer it gets.
2. Buy a DSLR (Nikon D90 or D40) and shoot lots of photos, building a new portfolio.
3. Get my credit fixed (apply for bankrupcy).
4. Save enough money to move out again.
5. Shoot a short film. You must do this in 2009.
6. Quite smoking.
7. Work out more.
8. Find a second income, one that isn’t illegal.
9. Eat better, more healthy
10. Organize my life better, including keeping things more tidy.
11. Redefine sexy for men. (aka – start designing my own clothing line)

0 thoughts on “Goals for 2009

  1. About number 1. Read your hairdresser the riot act. They have an annoying habit of taking off more than you want. Although, there is one more tip I can give you about dead ends. If they don’t look bad, don’t bother with them. Your hair will grow out longer and faster, if you leave them there. How long were you thinking?

    What are some ideas about 11, for me (a guy)?

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