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Don’t ask me how I find these websites because I really don’t know sometimes.


But let’s face it. I talk a lot about male choice and diversity on this blog. I’m not insensitive to female choice as well.

What’s your take? Should it be illegal for women to go topless in public? Why or why not?
I say illegal because it’s already perfectly legal in a few states in the US and three providences in Canada.

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  1. Public nudity laws are senseless suppression… I don’t buy the argument of decency. You’re not hurting anybody, it shouldn’t be illegal. 

  2. @SasGal – And you should be allowed to.

    @NikBv – Absolutely. No harm and it’s not like everyone is going to do it all the time anyway. Guys don’t do it all the time and some may never do it because they are self conscious. 

  3. Nudity (or “indecency”) laws don’t make any sense to me to begin with. Who is hurt by seeing a naked body? One thing, though. If women start walking around with their tops off they’d better not complain about who’s staring.

  4. I remember years ago when I was approaching puberty, my parents took me during summer vacation to see the state capitol building.  They hadn’t planned on a protest from a women’s rights group being there that day.  I was in heaven because the women were protesting for the right to go topless.

    @dirtbubble – oh man don’t start with that otherwise we’ll bring back rape debates.

  5. I can’t think of a good enough reason for it to be illegal, but I wouldn’t encourage it. I wouldn’t discourage it either. I don’t know, I wouldn’t do it. 

  6. I am sorry, but FREE YOUR BREASTS! FREE YOUR MIND! …shit, is this serious? I lol’d so hard. I am a woman and I have nothing against this, but I’m pretty sure if my university professor would be approaching me while her of course, intellectual breasts flapping around….the whole professionalism would just gtfo. 

  7. @SasGal – Haha yeah it is! Not a ton of people do it… but the occasional time I see someone do it it’s very strange. I don’t know that I would go topless often but I think it should be less of a big deal. Because I’d like to, occasionally. No tan lines.

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