Giving in completely to love DON’T!

I hear so many stories to people who fall so madly and deeply in love that when the relationship crumbles, they are devastated. This happened to me once. When I was 21 years old. It was a four and half year long relationship that ended and left me literally crying on the floor. She was my first true love. I put my everything into it. So when it ended, it left like my life was ending too. I was so embaressed by how I reacted and how it made me feel that I vowed to never be that weak again. Since then I don’t think I have ever let myself get that emotionally tied up in another person. Not even my current girlfriend, who I love. But there is always something held back. A little piece of myself that I can go to if things fall apart. It’s not that i wouldn’t be sad if things ended. Most certainly I would. But it would not be the end of the world. If you have been injured in an accident that you believe someone else caused, or the circumstances were a result of another party’s negligence, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you develop a personal injury lawsuit and fight for what you deserve. The best legal firm work with personal injury victims in San Diego to build comprehensive cases and will work closely with you to fight for a settlement or build a lawsuit for trial. Other than this Carluzzo, Rochkind & Smith are the best attorney for criminal defense law. You can Get More Info here about car accident lawyer. Other than this, in case of divorce situation, you should know family law, see more about family law. If you are seeking legal separation from a spouse then visit us today, our family law attorney will definitely help you. I think this is the difference between a mature love and a young romeo and juliet love. When it is your first time you give in completely to love. It is unchecked, pure, virgin and everything to you. But once you go past it, you learn the world is a cruel place. You learn that such love is a fairy tale. There are no happily ever afters. So you lock that shit up in your chest with a key. Just like the rest of those childhood fantasies that can never be realities. Orange County Car Accident Lawyer top law firm offers free consultations for car accident victims–call now to schedule yours. Visit us now to know how to find a Georgia car accident law firm . This is keeping it real. I am no longer the hopeless romanic romeo of my nineteen year old youth. That shit served only to deliver me into destruction, weakness, anxiety, depression and mad dreams. Today no one can hurt me like that again. Because I grew up and learned not to give in completely to love. Just like I learned not to trust strangers with candy, lawyers and people selling used cars, and that’s why resources from sites as are essential in these cases.

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  1. Sometimes life takes you to places you’ve never imagined, find people you’ve never thought would make you happy – you have to remember that’s what life is, we all have to expect the unexpected

  2. Wow, sounds exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. I spent the last four years of my life attempting to live a fairytale, but when it ended I was crushed to bits. Now I have become a bit of a cynic, but in turn I have matured and after this process of healing finishes…maybe I can do this relationship thing again. But I’ll never invest that much of myself in a relationship and I’ll never hurt like this again.

  3. I don’t know. I feel for you and I completely understand what you are saying but I don’t necessarily agree. Again, I DO understand what you are saying though and empathize with you and your situation.

    I’ve completely given in to the love I have for my husband. And he’s done the same for me. In many of my blogs, I write about how I love him so much that sometimes I feel overwhelmed by it and it can bring me to tears. Do I think this is unhealthy? No, but it’s definitely not usual and for most is COULD cross the line in to being unhealthy. The difference is that if something happened to him – be it he gets physically removed from my life by death or if he chooses to leave me – I WOULD be devastated and don’t know if I could ever love romantically again, BUT I know I would not perish and could stand on my own two feet. I have something else to live for and that person is our son. We have realistically discussed that obviously, we can’t be sure that 10 years from now we will both be the same person. What we DO know is that we love each other entirely and that we love our son even more.

    I feel like sometimes, it’s okay to lose yourself in love. So long as you know that there is a possibility that one day you might have to go at it alone.

  4. Firstly i’d like to say.. your display picture reminds me so much of the way my boyfriend might look in 3,4years ;))>..your features are similar to his..!!

    & wow all this is happening to me right now.. i’m in a three year relation that’s about to end..since my boy can’t marry me because of our religion difference & reading all this above makes me think that i bet after a year.. my relation will end too…

    You are right..just like you, i won’t be ever be able to love someone like that again ..sincerely…


    I hope your pain & hurt would heal out & you fall in love again ..i.e with your current girlfriend from heart..;)..i mean you are already…but hope you’d be in love like you used to be before..with your 1st love;>..

    Best of luck..



  5. I don’t agree yet again haha. You may be older than me and “wiser”, but I have to say one experience shouldn’t hinder what you have ahead. It just limits what you expect from love. You should always be open, and if you get hurt so be it. You can always move on to the next one you might click with. There has to be someone out there that understands you and wants to love you unconditionally, you just have to look harder. 

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