Girls with Muscle – Yea or Nay?

What do you think? I’m not talking about chicks that look like Schwarzenegger (see below). I’m talking about girls with 6 packs and enough definition that they actually show some muscle. For example in the picture above you can obviously see it in her legs and butt as well as in her arms a little.


So how much is too much muscle on a woman? Or, better yet, do you like women who show some muscle?


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0 thoughts on “Girls with Muscle – Yea or Nay?

  1. as much as they can develop naturally is fine with me. If I ever got to the fitness level of any women pictured here (again, no juicing involved), I’d be completely fine with it. I don’t care if people have some sort of aesthetic aversion to muscled women; it’s about performance, not looks. Those women are a hell of a lot stronger than most, which means they’re physically capable of doing more activities with more success. 

    I’m serious about weight lifting, and I hope that someday I’ll gain enough strength to put me in a camp that many people find intimidating/a turn-off. Right now, however, I’m scrawny. Sadly scrawny. Must continue to work on it.

  2. @scruffylizard – Sadly there are a lot of woman who seem to be afraid of weight training. They assume they’re going to just immediately blow up like a couple of those really brawny woman above. But it takes years to get like that. On top of eating a lot and eating right.

    Most girls aren’t going to end up looking like that if they decide to do some weight training. At most after six months to a year of hard work they’ll look like the girls in the bottom two photos. Depending on where they start and where they eat.

    I think you’re right that it’s about performance. But I think those women in the bottom two photos and the very top photo would disagree about it not being about looks as well. Once you get there you’d certainly like the way you look and so would other people. Guys don’t usually say it, because they understand it about as much as most women, but we do like women with a little more muscle. Especially in the butt and legs and stomach. :)

  3. I don’t like it at all. I think it’s fine if they want to do that, but I would never even think about having one as a GF or anything like that. 

  4. @lonelywanderer2 – Agreed.

    And I think the woman in the black bikini is sexy, except it appears she had breast implants.  Take those away (I like natural, smaller boobs), and it would be a great improvement.

    The fitness of the woman in the video is a huge turn on.

  5. I love the first picture, and the last one isn’t too bad.

    Any more than a decent bit of muscle is crossing the line for me. It’s like making out with a very muscular man, lmao.

  6. I’m pretty thick for a chick and dont have a lot of fat but muscle.. I KNOW I can kick some ass if I wanted to but I think it looks horrible. ha. I hate it. I’d rather be thin and petite then have these man legs of mine.

  7. It’s interesting that the women here are generally locked into a perception that they need to be scrawny thin while the men like a bit more muscle.  I definitely like strong women in every sense of the word, especially this one.  The brunette in the 4th picture down is by far my favorite here.  That’s pretty much ideal.

    @roxics – @scruffylizard – Scruffy and I have had countless conversations on this over the past couple years.  She’s too hard on herself–men are bars are loving her pistols lately.

  8. A woman with a nice physique is very attractive. That one buff chick looks scary though. I mean, when I think of an attractive woman I picture her with soft curves, not hard angles.

  9. i like the first and last…
    personally i dont want to look like a man… I do work out but I concentrate on reps, not weight. i like to keep my arms toned because that’s one of the one places on a woman that should still look feminine IMO. Legs, though, are good with a little muscle. Strong thighs and calf muscles are good, but not to the point where you look like the hulk. but yeah, overall I like to stay toned. I concentrate on my lower half more, though.

  10. OMG The third picture actually makes me feel ill! But a bit of tone is ok, when they go over board its scary, i dont even like really toned guys, let alone women!

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