Girls Dating Nerds

I don’t have a problem with this post itself.

What I tend to have a problem with all the responses. You can scroll through the comments and see all the “pretty” and “hot” girls talking about how much they agree. But in real life. I’ll be damned if I ever see one of them with a  nerd. An actual nerd.

No their idea of a nerd is a douchebag guy who plays xbox games and has an iphone. Hey listen, everyone is a little technologically aware these days. We live in an age where we all have computers in our pocket. That doesn’t make someone a nerd. A geek is someone who likes to have in depth conversations about the stuff inside that computer in their pocket. A nerd is someone who goes even further then that and starts hacking the thing to do weird shit.

I’m saying this in defense of nerds everywhere, because they know it’s true and for some reason I always seem to attract nerdy people in conversations in real life. But I’d consider myself more of a geek.

To me the difference is simple, a nerd is someone with limited social skills and an extreme sense of awkwardness and poor taste in style. But very technical. Almost all logic and no style. A geek is like a nerd but a little more trendy and socially aware. As well as usually having a much better chance at getting a date. At least that’s my definition. How nerdy of me to define the two terms. lol

Anyway. I just think it’s silly. Because a lot of these girls wouldn’t even entertain a geek like myself for too long, let alone even bat an eye at a real nerd.

I just think the term nerd has become such a trendy term. It doesn’t help that they get these decent looking guys on TV dressed in white button-up shirts with ties and thick frame glass who make witty remarks. They have become the definition of a nerd in this trendiness. Those guys are more like geeks who are riding the wave of the nerdy trend.  

Real nerds look like this:

Not the trendy geeky take on nerdism like this:

At least that’s my point of view.


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  1. The nerds I date are more along the lines of “I have every video game system known to man, collect Star Wars stuff, still display my Spawn figures, and built my own computer” nerds.  They’re not super nerds … but nerds nonetheless.

  2. I have to agree with this post. Girls are full of shit. Bam.

    I can’t decide whether I’m a nerd or not. I’m a philosophy major, and an extreme introvert, but don’t really have women problems. Beyond sex, I’d like nothing more to engage in logical debate. Hmm.. Maybe a nerd taste would not be out of line.

  3. haahaha, I always thought nerds were more trendy then a geek. haha. Nerdy just sounds sexier then geek to me… If you switch the terms then I’d agree… lol.

  4. I go for nerds, and I really mean nerds.  The kind of nerds one finds in the physics department…but I’m also one of them, with all of the requisite logic and social awkwardness.

  5. @into_the_lens – Yeah, I would say that’s more of a gamer/comic/anime kinda nerd. Almost a geek but not quite.

    @iamthebella – nope, geeks are a step up from nerds. To be a geek is to be geeked about something technical or scientific and know a lot about it. Geeks are like stylish nerds. Like the guy in the last picture or myself for instance.

    That said, geeks can be nerdy at times. Just like nerds can be geeked about shit. It’s all very confusing the complexities of it would take a nerd to figure out and build a bar graph.

    @schallerbrandon – You’d be more of a geek then. Or so it sounds. But geeks and nerds live in the same world a lot of times and can easily be friends. Geeks act like buffers between nerds and jocks. lol

    I can’t believe I wrote this post and am having a conversation about this. As if there is soem type of rulebook on it all. lol 

  6. @kvdubs – Nicer then who, serial rapists, assholes like myself? Please elaborate. Because something tells me nice and a steamy one night stand with you don’t go hand in hand.

  7. @roxics – I tend to date nerds.  They just have more to talk about and it’s always kind of fun talking to them because their interactions are funny.  I have always had crushes on nerdy guys, and my friends would attest.  I would rather date a guy who is smart and has a lot to talk about than just a good looking guy.  I really appreciate conversation. Sure a good looking guy would have a better chance at hooking up with me, but I don’t randomly hook up.  Therefore, I’d go for a guy who may be less flattering on the eyes, but definitely makes me happy on the inside with his witticisms, IQ, and awkwardness.  

  8. @roxics – i disagree. if i showed you pictures of previous crushes or boyfriends, you wouldn’t want to categorize yourself in that group.  most of them are not attractive at all.  they become attractive after i get to know them.  initially i don’t have a crush on most of my crushes.

  9. Even after reading your post, I’m still confused on nerds vs geeks.  I always thought of a nerd as someone who had awkward mannerisms.  Someone that is shy and introverted.  A nerd to me is the one who acts strangely and has too much knowledge of useless trivia.  I don’t know.  I viewed geeks as a person who was very technically inclined… But furthermore, I love my geek!  I was called a nerd in high school, but I viewed myself as more a bookworm and not a nerd. 

  10. No offense to kvdubs (no offense kvdubs), but I either doubt her story or if she’s that beautiful. If that’s not a picture of someone else. Of course, I don’t know how he/she wouldn’t take offense to that. 

    You’re right. As much as I admire intelligence, I’m holding out for the intelligent/attractive combo.

  11. Yeah, I get called a nerd/geek alot, mainly because I’m a bookworm! I’d probably like getting together with someone that’s drop dead gorgeous, but I’ve learned that you can get plenty of good stuff from someone that isn’t on the cover of Playgirl!

  12. I don’t really know what constitutes a nerd or a geek or which of the two is “cooler”/trendier.  However, I do know that my boyfriend wrote me a computer virus for my birthday last year, and it’s still my favorite present ever. 

  13. I don’t believe a nerd has to look so unattractive in the picture you posted above. i am very happily dating a nerd, and yes, he does play xbox (but i do too), and he has an iTouch (which I steal to play video games on), but he’s also OBSESSED with technology. His life is centered around it. He knows how to download anything, and mod almost everything. He’s brilliant–which is what I personally think nerds are. And he’s handsome and funny. And actually, I suppose he’d be more of a geek than just a nerd… But then again, so am I.

  14. I think, in my opinion, that you switched the definitions of nerd and geek. And there is the dork, who is like a nerd but without the smartness.

  15. I’m taking a geek who used to be a nerd a few years ago.  So I agree that geeks are, in fact, a step up from nerds.  Nerds are smart as hell but are so unbelievably awkward that they just make everyone else extremely uncomfortable.  Geeks are more socially aware and have a bit more style, but still have peculiar interests.  (D&D, every gaming system out there, Trekkie, Ringer, Star Wars nut job, etc).

    Geeks ftw, and not just because I’m dating one. Because I am a geek as well. :)

  16. My valedictorian was a nerd and i would absolutely date him!
    I mean sure he’s a mean guitar hero player but he’s majoring in Aerospace Engineering, that’s droolworthy.
    Plus, he’s tall and skinny and has glasses and just looks awkward in any social setting.
    that’s my kind of nerdy. *sigh*
    if only he could lift his head out of the books once in a while to admire a pretty girl. ;]
    but it’s ok, cuz he;s probably gonna save the world from destruction one day or something.
    I still appreciate going to university with him. :D

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