Girl cancels classes because of Linux

I feel like she took this to the extreme. I mean if you’re going to order a computer with Linux on it, you should probably know what that is first. It doesn’t matter how much a Dell representative tries to sell you on it, if you have no idea what it is or how to use it then don’t buy it. However once you do buy it, you should probably learn how to use it. It’s not that hard.

I have very little compassion for people who think that Computer = Windows OS (be it XP, Vista or 7). There are more Operating Systems out there. I’m a Mac user for instance. I use Mac OS 10. Obviously she got Ubuntu OS on her Dell, which is one of the most consumer friendly versions of Linux.

I’ve used Ubuntu before and it’s nice, but I can understand some of the frustrations of not being able to get certain hardware to work. That said, as a consumer you have to do your homework. I would hope college students would know that.

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  1. Wow, talk about dumb! If you are going to fish out that much money for equipment, either learn to adapt or get something one is familiar with!

    I will have to admit, I am a Windows user, but I also have a growing fondness for Mac. Yeah, it took some getting use to, but after that, it wasn’t difficult.

  2. @roxics – It’s a cult of sorts. People who use Apple are so FOR Apple that they use nothing else. And all of Apple’s products are designed to keep you using Apple. If you have itunes, it’s too expensive to switch to anything else, because the only products that are compatible are Apple products so that with all the money you invested in itunes becomes a waste if you want to switch to anything besides Apple. Once they have you, you’re hooked forever. And people rant and rave and swoon over Apple, it makes me sick.

  3. @MarksBeneathTheSkin – Well if you’re talking about music purchased from itunes, that’s no longer a problem. It all went DRM free now, so you can use it on any player that supports AAC playback.

    You can also use an ipod with songbird or a few other players, you dont have to use itunes. Though you’re right that itunes will only support iPods, but that only makes sense from a business standpoint. Just like Microsoft Zune will only support Zune players. But I’ve also been a huge iTunes fan for years upon years before ever buying an ipod.

    The reason people love their macs is because they are so nice to use compared to a windows machine. I’ve been building windows towers since 1998 and switched my main computer to a macbook about 8 months ago. I’ll never go back, even though I can run windows or ubuntu on my macbook if I want. But at this point I don’t have any reason too. Maybe Ubuntu just for fun. I’ll probably put Windows 7 on my my old desktop.

    I’m not against Windows or Linux, just because I’m primarily a mac user now. I still use them. I have Xp on my desktop and my servers run Linux. But my pride and joy is my macbook. It’ the greatest computer I’ve ever used. I’ve never had so much fun using a computer.

    Apple products really appeal to artists and creative people more then anyone. It’s the way everything works that fits that brain type. The scattered elegance of the system design. Not to mention no viruses, unix backend, stylish GUI and the programs for mac are second to none. There are so many great little apps you can only get on mac.

    Yes it is a cult, but it’s a great cult. When I first used a mac I hated it. I still didn’t like it all that much after two weeks. But after a month of being my main machine, going back to windows feels so archaic.

    As for being trapped in the system. Im not sure where you get that from. Files and file types are fully compatible. Like I said you can even run windows on the same machine if you want. I transfer stuff back and forth every day from several macs to windows machines at work doing video projects.

  4. @roxics – Again. I will NEVER use a Mac, and I will not buy Apple products. The only one I have is QuickTime, and that’s mostly because it’s necessary for some websites.
    I’m not sure you understood completely what I was saying. But it doesn’t really matter. You have your opinion (and enjoy the cult), and I have mine. Neither one of us can change the other.

  5. @MarksBeneathTheSkin – It’s ok. I just think it’s narrow minded. Obviously I’m a mac user and I use other systems so it’s not true what you say about Apple people not using anything else. All I’m saying is that there is a reason people use macs,it’s not because they are brainwashed, it’s because they are better computers and they realize that.

    I know there are a lot of people out there that hate Apple stuff just for the sake of hating it without really understanding it.
    I mean if you bought a product from a company that worked better then anything on the market, you got great technical support, a great buying experience and a great end user experience, wouldn’t you be happy and swear by those products?

    From what I’ve noticed, some of the people who are usually angry mac haters are the people that secretly want one themselves, they just don’t like the price of entry. But nice things cost money.

  6. @roxics – Thank you for standing up for Mac.  I used to be a Mac hater because of the compatability issues (which have almost completely been resolved since and only really applied to games, anyways).  But when our PC started to go the way of the dodo, my husband decided he wanted a Mac.  I decided to give it a chance… I knew my hubby wouldn’t spend that kind of money unless he had a really good reason.  I’m glad he bought it because I fell instantly in love.  I am of the artistic mindset (photographer) and you’re right… the Mac OS just feels more natural to that type of person.

    I also thought the iPod was just a fashion device that happened to play MP3s, until the iPod touch came out and completely changed my mind.  I recently upgraded to an iPhone and there isn’t a moment of the day I’m not using it… listening to podcasts, talking on the phone, playing game, listening to music, watching TV shows while I work out or eat lunch… the customer service and product support I received on my iPod touch also really impressed me.

    Now, we have an iMac, a MacBook, an iPod touch (2G – my husband’s) and an iPhone (mine).  We’ve never had a single problem with either of our computers (we’ve had the iMac for over 4 years now).  You could say we’re also proud members of The Cult :)

  7. @roxics – I feel like you’re insulting my intelligence.

    I will never use Apple products if for no other reason than I don’t like the way the company has marketed and positioned their products, or the way they set up their business strategy.

    You can berate me for my opinion all you want, but it will not change, regardless of whether you think I’m being unreasonable or not.

  8. People do stupid things, but this whole desperate consumer advocacy thing that the local stations do now is just a waste of breath.  The article itself clearly states that Dell told her she could switch it for Windows, and she refused, and then waited until she could no longer do so (for free).  How is that Dell’s fault, then?  Why is the station trying to breathe down Dell’s neck for HER stupidity?  It’s her own damn fault for a) not understanding what she was purchasing and b) not switching out the operating system when she had the chance. 

    The thing I find funniest about all this is that she was complaining that the OS didn’t allow her access to the Internet and wouldn’t allow her to use Word.  EXCEPT THAT IT DID.  a) She was using the wrong install disc.  Verizon provided her with the correct one.  b) The OS came with Open Office, which the article says allows you to use Word.  c) Her school said she would be able to turn in her homework using whichever program she wanted.  But the station still wants a comment from Dell?  WTF?  How is Dell supposed to reply?   “Um, we greatly regret the inconvenience that this student’s ignorance created.”  Meanwhile, there’s REAL corruption going on.  But, no… our media is too busy “protecting the little guy” from themselves.

  9. @MarksBeneathTheSkin – Well honestly I can see your point of view so it’s not an insult on your intelligence. I wouldn’t insult someones intelligence for not liking a particular product or company.

    That said, I don’t understand what your beef really is. Is it the higher cost or their products? From a business standpoint Apple is doing very well, they have more cash in the bank then Microsoft and they are very good at how they spend their money. It will help see them through the slow sales period in this recession (depression) that everyone is facing. They also put a lot of money into R&D. If their products cost more it’s because they aren’t pulling a Dell and using the cheapest components they can get their hands on. I mean look at their new macbook line, they are made of a solid brick of aluminum. When you pick one up they feel like they’re as sturdy as a tank and made of all recyclable materials using less harmful manufacturing processes.

    Honestly I give them credit for their business model. It’s clearly the smartest model in the industry, which is why they’re growing while everyone else is downsizing.

    If you’re talking about they’re computer philosophy, as in a closed system, I can understand that a little better. But it’s just a different philosophy to computer. Apple sees computers more like appliances. You pull it out of the box and you use it, everything just works. The OS is designed for the hardware and vice versa, so that everything works with little effort and greater stability. This is what we mac users pay for, stability, great service, nice products and and a great user experience. Yeah there are some trade off, I’ll totally admit that. Apple can be both genius and completely retarded at the same time. I certainly am not happy about them ditching firewire on the new 13″ macbooks, there is no excuse for that. But that’s the trade off being a mac user. You have to buy what they offer. It’s no where near horrible though. Even with the trade off’s I’d still take a mac over anything else anyday. At least until somebody presents me with something better.

    You can use what you want, I just think you should take a look around and seriously check out everything else.

  10. @roxics – I’m done talking here. Since you clearly don’t understand me. You’re answering on topics that I am not talking about, and with a biased point of view (I’m not claiming to be unbiased myself).

    I will use my good money to buy something that is not associated with Apple. I’ve looked into it enough, and I still have no reason to change my mind.

    Please, do not reply. It’s like beating a dead horse.

  11. @ithiliya – That’s usually how it goes with people and macs. I remember when I was strictly a PC user and I couldn’t understand the whole concept of the imac. Now I totally get it. It takes using one to know what it’s all about.

    I bought my mom an old imac (year 2000) a couple years ago that’s still running and doing what she wants. It’s pretty slow these days, but that’s because I put Tiger on it for her. I should just get her a new one for her birthday.

    As for the girl who bought the Dell. Yeah I agree. I can understand her not knowing how to use Ubuntu, but she could have switched and she didn’t. Then the lack of trying to learn it is what bothered me. There are a lot of people, non nerdy people even, who use it on a daily basis. I mean she’s a college student for crying out loud. I just don’t like when people think Windows and Word are the only things out there.

  12. @MarksBeneathTheSkin – It is like beating a dead horse and I think I’ll cook it now. I don’t understand why you’re so upset? What am I not understanding? You haven’t given me any solid answer besides:

    “I will never use Apple products if for no
    other reason than I don’t like the way the company has marketed and
    positioned their products, or the way they set up their business

    I’m sorry if that’s not a good enough answer for me. It doesn’t really tell me anything. Sorry for asking for more detail and making assumptions as to why that may be. But if you aren’t going to give me solid reason why, I can’t really respect your opinion.

  13. @roxics – It sounded like she thought she was getting Windows… at first.  So I can understand being upset if you get your computer, open it up, turn and on, and are greeted with this operating system you didn’t know you were getting and have never seen before in your life.  I could also understand not wanting to learn the new system… she didn’t buy it thinking “oh, boy, a new system!” and I probably would’ve reacted the same way if (in a highly unlikely hypothetical situation) I bought a new Mac and found out it had something other than the Mac OS.  But that’s where I stop understanding her actions. 

    How much you wanna bet she didn’t want to take those classes and found this to be a perfect excuse? ;)

  14. @roxics – “I don’t like the way the company has marketed and
    positioned their products, or the way they set up their business

    What does that mean, anyways?  I read that and I was confused… do you know something I don’t?

    Personally, I think the Mac vs. PC commercials are hilarious, and I like John Hodgman (aka PC), too.  The iPod commercials are usually bright and colorful and have great music (althought they’re getting a little old now).  But maybe it’s the artistic mind thing again…  Anyways, I don’t see any problem with the marketing.  What does “positioned their products” mean? 

    A lot of people complain about the DRM thing, but I thought that wasn’t Apple…  haven’t they been fighting for years to go DRM free?  I’m guessing that’s what the whole “business strategy” thing was about, anyways.  I don’t know.  Any insight on this?

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