Getting Personal

I’ve had this blog for a long time now and its focus originally was to be about new thoughts or ideas I was having. However over the years it hasn’t been used very much. There have been some years where I only had one or two entries. I’m tired of seeing this site sit here barely used. One of the reasons it has been so sparse is because most of my thoughts ended up being posted in my Livejournal instead, where I had a small captive audience for a number of years. Well, I pretty much stopped using my livejournal at the beginning of 2008 for various reasons and took a good six months off of blogging anything. Now I decided I want to get back into it, but rather then return to my livejournal, I want to focus on this site as my personal website. A place for me as a whole and not just my ideas, but all my thoughts and emotions.

That said, about six months to a year ago I took a vow not to get too personal on the internet anymore. Which translates to “don’t talk shit about anyone online anymore, journal or not, if someone else can read it, don’t write it”. But I went a little too far and scared myself away from writing about anything personal. So I decided I would start again, this time without getting too in depth about things and just talking about feelings in general. I started a new category on this website called “personal” and I’m going to fill it with entries about my feelings and life situations.

So here I am. reborn.

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