Getting back into the vape game – Magneto, Kanger T3S and RSST review

So I’ve been vaping for many years now. Sadly I started smoking again 7 months ago and haven’t quite been able to kick that habit like I was before. But even then I’ve continued to vape, I just didn’t do it as much and I didn’t experiment with new vape gear.

I’ve been slowly weaning myself off analogs again and as a result I’m vaping more and picking up some new gear.

Last weekend I bought my second mod. I had been vaping my Silver Bullet and a couple eGo twists up until that point. Mostly with cartotanks and occasionally with a low resistence 306 atomizer. An old favorite of mine. The twists were the newest things I had bought and even that was a year ago. Sadly I had two of those and lost one while the button on the other broke. Those were the only variable voltage PVs I ever owned and I loved them. But not enough to want to buy them again. Twist batteries are expensive and not all that durable.

So I walked into a local vaper store and I picked up a Smoktech Magneto. An all mechanical telescoping mod in a nice flat finish stainless steel. The Magneto is cool because it has a magnetic button on the bottom. The force of the two magnets keep the button pushed out until you push it in. So there are no springs that can wear down and break. Beautiful and less money than my Silver Bullet had cost me a couple years back. I love the telescoping feature and how I can use either 18650, 18500 or 18350 batteries. So it can go from tall to small depending on the battery used.

My only two complaints about the Magneto are that is doesn’t have an eGo style top cap. Which would have made it even more versatile. In my opinion all new mods should have that. However I did notice that they are available as a replacement top cap. Litecigusa sells them. So I’ll have to pick one up. Why they don’t just come from the factory like that, I don’t know.

My second complaint is the lock ring. It gives the device even better footing to stand on when it’s locked. Althoughthr device can stand just fine on the magnetic button without activating it. Even with a heavy RSST on it and an 18650 inside. But the problem is the reverse threading of the lock ring when unlocking it. I’m always unlocking it while at the same time unscrewing the button section of the device as a whole. When you put the pressume on the ring to tighen it to the unlock position, that same pressure is then being used to unscrew the button section. You have to futz with it for a second to get everything to stop unscrewing. It’s annoying, but it’s workable considering how nice the device is as a whole.

Along with the Magneto I also bought an RSST genesis style rebuildable atomizer. The guy at the store was super helpful and built my first coil for me, showing me how along the way. Including a few tips he had learned over time. I hadn’t realy planned to get into a rebuildable atomizer or sub-ohm vaping, but another fellow at the store let me hit his dual coil rba at 0.3ohm. WOW! That thing hit stronger than 6 volt vaping a low resistence dual coil carto. Which I had done many times.

I was sold. Even so, I had him build my first coil to be around 1 – 1.5 ohm and it came out perfectly at 1.3. I didn’t want to go too low my first try with it.

That said, I haven’t been very happy with the RSST. For starters the little plastic tank cracked about 2 days in. It still works but has a hairline crack. Using fairly clear juice as well. Second, it’s a pain to vape. You have to hold it like a beer bottle to your face, the wick and hole have to be pointed downward and thing is leaky. You have to keep it upright all the time otherwise it leaks and the top cap is only held on by an o ring so it can easily pop off.

To be honest, I’ve barely used it in the last week because it’s such a hassle. I’ve returned to mostly using my old cartotanks. So much easier. They don’t leak, you don’t have to hold them a certain way or keep them upright all the time. You can throw them in your pocket or on the seat next to you when driving and all is fine. No worries.

So in short, I love the Magneto but have not been a fan of the RSST.

As much as I like cartotanks though, I knew a lot more has come out since them. So I wanted to try something new.
I returned to the vape shop with a friend last night. I took him there to buy his first e-cig. He ended up with their standard newbie package which includes a 1000mAh eGo twist, usb charger and a Kanger T3S clearotank. Along with some blueberry eliquid made by Flavors(?) in 18mg. I hit it and it seemed pretty decent. So I decided to pick up a 510-eGo adapter and that same clearotank.


When I got home I put some of my homemade daily vape into it. Elven Apple. Awesome! I think I just found my new setup. Love this T3S. The flavor is clean, the vapor production is strong with a good throat hit and it doesn’t leak at all. So far anyway. It’s also way faster and easier to fill than a cartotank. I also love that it has ml markings on it so you can tell how much juice is left in milliliters. My girlfriend was equally impressed with it and wants to pick up one for herself. I don’t think either of us wil be buying cartotanks anymore and I think I’ve just given myself one more reason not to use my rebuildable atomizer on a regular basis.

That said, I wish the T3S used a standard drip tip. The mouthpiece is built in as part of the tank. While I have no complaints about how it feels, it would be nice to have the option to use whatever drip tip I wanted. It would also be nice to have a version that is a little more squat and wide rather than narrow and tall. Just so that it holds more liquid than 3ml (not that I need more) and looks more streamlined on my Magneto. I understand these things are made for eGos, but it would be nice to have something that fit a mod better. Perhaps Kanger or someone else makes a clearotank like this already and I just need to look around. Perferably something that uses the same replacement atomizers that go in this, since I love how it hits.

Interestingly enough I don’t know the resistence of this T3S tank atomizer. I never asked at the store. But it hits well at 3.7v and I’m actually a little surprised that I’m liking this so much. I was a 6v vaper for so long and then a Twist/Kick user around 4.5v. But the Magneto hits better at 3.7v than my Silver Bullet ever did at the same voltage. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe the brass contact pin. Whatever it is, I’ve never enjoyed 3.7v as much as I have lately. I used to scrunch up my face at it. Like it was too low a voltage for any serious vaping. But strangely, not anymore.

So this is where I stand now. I just need to get myself completely off the analogs, buy some more nicotine and flavor extracts and start mixing and vaping full time again.

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