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Registration is now open at Reserve your desired username while it’s still available.

I don’t ever ask for rec’s but please rec the shit out of this. lol

What is SocialMore?
A social network designed to compete with facebook, twitter and similar sites. But it’s not just another “me too” site. SocialMore lets you build your own dot com website on top of a social network. Our feed lets you drill down and see exactly what you want to see and from who. For instance you could view photos from just your family, weblog entries from just online friends or links from everyone across the entire network.

The possibilities are endless.

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  1. @TheTheologiansCafe – I use last pass now, but good thinking.

    I will sign up and check it out as well I LIKE your enthusiasm and I am seriously starting to hate facebook, to much family and no privacy. Xanga is fine but they have shut me down too many times and they have too much CONTROL. The problem with all social media is that you are building your house on SOMEONE ELSE S REAL ESTATE that you do not own.

    But by a small chance if this does go big it is better to get in early. We shall see, no reason not to keep your options open and try anything at least once. No failure only feedback. :)

  2. @GoshenHypnosis – In the beginning we won’t have video features. Because of bandwidth. However, in time we got some really good ideas when it comes to video. Being that Dante and I both have a background in indie film and pro video, you can bet we’re going to do something with it.

  3. I was trying to register but it keeps saying “Invalid Referrer”

    I’m Using Opera 11.0 on Vista

    You should also make the registration page encrypted. Also, the password field doesn’t hide the characters when I tried it.

  4. Oh, I like the “smile” and “frown” options!Can you change the layout of your own site as well? (It would be nice if there was an “FAQ” page)

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