Geeky girls are hot – my celebrity crushes

I’m one of those guys who loves geeky girls. I love my girlfriend Melissa, but I’m allowed to have a few celebrity crushes too.. right?

Well I do and they are all geeky girls. :)

(names are links, last TWiT is a link – my links don’t show up very well :( )

Veronica Belmont
– Tech Journalist, shows up on the TWiT podcast from time to time. Lucky Ryan Block to be dating her. I actually listen to his stuff more then her’s though.

Lisa Bettany – Tech Blogger and Photographer, also shows up on TWiT from time to time.

Morgan Webb – What geeky guy doesn’t have her on his list? I’ve had a crush on her for about 10 years.

Justine Ezarik – Tech Blogger, also shows up on TWiT from time to time.

What do they all have in common? Well they’re, all tech geeks, all bloggers and all huge mac users, accept for Morgan, she’s a Linux user. lol

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  1. hm. I’m more a theoretical geek – I love math theory and pure science, but I’m not much for applied or technology.

    And I never really understood why Webb’s body was considered hot. She kind of looks like a box, to me.

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