Gay for fun

SuggestiveTongue had a good entry about choosing to be gay or not. I made my comments there. But decided I wanted to expand on the bisexual aspect here. Being bisexual myself.

My girlfriend and I have had this debate before. She has said to me, I don’t believe you are bisexual. I understand where she’s coming from. I mean, I have a girlfriend. I’ve only ever had girlfriends. I enjoy sex with women way too much and worship their bodies.

But I’ve fooled around with guys a few times. The first time I was 12 years old or there about and it was with a guy friend of mine. I remember his mom walking in on us once. Shit! She pulled him out of the room and asked him what we were doing. She then said something along the lines of “just so long as you aren’t touching each other” which of course he lied about to her and said were weren’t.

The second two times were when I was in my twenties, between relationships with females. It was with a guy friend of mine and was really just for fun. Something to do. The second time wasn’t even that enjoyable.

Anyway. I don’t actively go around looking at guys in a sexual way. Here and there. But mostly I look at guys the way most straight guys look at guys. I don’t think about what that guy would look like naked or what I would do with him or any of the things I think about when i see an attractive women.

But I have gotten off to gay porn. I like it. However my porn viewing habits tend to reflect my real life attractions. Mostly women, followed by guys when I feel like it.

I’m wired straight. When I was a kid I dreamed about girls. I crushed on girls. I had sexual fantasies about girls. I always thought I’d grow up and fall in love with a woman. I never considered it would be a man, because I don’t view men like that. I couldn’t fall in love with a man any more than any straight guy could.

All considering I’m straight and every so often I’m gay for fun. Which to me equals bisexual. But from some peoples point of view that might not qualify as bisexual. From some peoples point of view I’m just a horny horny guy looking for a hole to fill. 


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  1. heh heh. I don’t see the point in the label, myself. So I guess I’d side with your girlfriend if I had to pick a label maybe it would be ” heterosexual who experimented in his past with homosexuality.”  But I kind of feel that that label could easily fit everyone if they weren’t so uptight about sex. 

    Me. I had a real relationship with a woman when I was in my twenties.  I was between boyfriends. She was between boyfriends. It probably lasted a good 6 months, then we went on to be friends for the next 12 or 15 years. I doubt I’ll do that again (I was married to a man & would like to be again), and consider myself straight. Still,  I’m more likely to get stimulated looking at two women or one woman than a hetero-porn pair or a man. I don’t really question it.   I just feel like I’m a sexual person. Period.  And I like having sex with men.  Do I need to label myself?  It only comes up on Xanga. Funny that.

  2. I’m curious to try a double ended dildo with a woman but I’m not a lesbian; the thought of giving oral to a woman repulses me. I haven’t seen a woman that I’m sexually attracted to yet to carry out that curiosity though.

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