FX Tests

Just messing around. These are two rudimentary FX tests I did. The first one on Monday night and the second one tonight. The next film I’m making will have more visual effects. All the films I’ve made prior never really did. But the last film I made was in 2006 and I’ve learned a lot since then. These could certainly be better if I put more time into them. But they are just tests.

0 thoughts on “FX Tests

  1. Both of these are decent roughs, but would require additional post-production. The big gas flare at the end of the explosion has an artificial feel to it that likely has more to do with the fact that the light doesn’t affect the surrounding street. Also, an explosion of that nature will cause the structure to distort (shake, bloat or buckle). A camera “shake” might help a little, as would some objects on the street or other buildings to also be moved by the shockwave. The gun muzzle-flash is a little too symetrical, perhaps also too big (or bright) for the surrounding light. The vapor is perhaps overdone, but not really of consequence. Adding a slight kick at the actor’s level might help complete the fx.

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