0 thoughts on “Fuckability Scale

  1. @onlyxlovexremains – 

    You mean if they tell you they do oral sex? Otherwise you’d already be sleeping with them when you find out. Honestly though how many guys don’t do oral sex? That has to be really common. I can imagine why a guy wouldn’t want to.

  2. work to get themselves in damn good shape– and I mean good shape, not muscled in a few typical areas with a bunch of extra flab on there because they’re not eating well/sleeping/actually thinking about health. This does two things– obviously yields a fantastic body, and indicates that the guy has a formidable amount of self-discipline and drive. I am a dedicated lifter and I admire anyone who can really work at it and excel. Unless they’re an asshole. That’s a slightly different matter. 

  3. @scruffylizard – 

    ok but that’s something that would take a guy a while to achieve. Is there anything a guy could do instantly that would make him fuckable in your eyes. Maybe something he says or something he did?

  4. There are a few things that come to mind:  being a runner, playing tabletop roleplaying games, being able to make me laugh a lot and showing your intellectual prowess.

  5. I imagine this as going from not-fuckable to fuckable. The big one for me is personality. If I get to know someone and their personality really clicks with mine. I can think someone is very unattractive physically and then get to know them and be like well, it’s quirky, you’re just quirky, but you’re fuckable. So that is one thing. Another one would be owning their own sex toys. 

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