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  1. @roxics – I’m not the guy to talk tech with. I do understand that Firefox was built on top of the Netscape crap, and it can be a resource hog. But my basement is full of old Macs that don’t work and now I work on cheap PCs that refuse to die. So what I mean is  everything I ever need seems to work on Firefox, whereas I’d rather use IE (which I can’t stand) before Chrome or Safari which always seem to be missing something but that’s probably because I’m on cheap Windows boxes. But hey, if your prompt helps get Xanga up to speed on all browsers that’ll be sweet for you! Good to see you around here.

  2. @dirtbubble – Firefox is a good browser. That’s not the problem. The problem is a crappy coding job on Xanga’s part. I use firefox for development because their pluggins are great. But for casual web browsing Safari on the mac is a better experience. With a track pad it’s like using an iphone. You can double tap to zoom in on the text, pinch to zoom, two finger swipe to the left to go back or swipe to the right to go forward. It’s ahead of other browsers when it comes to multi-touch. 

    Chrome is build on webkit which was developed by Apple and powers Safari as well. So pages render the same in both those browsers. Same is true with the mobile broswers on iphone and android. Both webkit.

  3. @TheTheologiansCafe – I’m convinced Xanga just doesn’t care anymore. Every so often they’ll add something new like hashtags, and finally an iphone app after years. But ultimately they just don’t seem to care. 

    I don’t understand it. We don’t even have this problem on the pre-alpha of socialmore and we don’t have offices, employees, a site with millions of registered users, a writing staff or revenue generating page views.  

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