Fixing my brakes

Had a hell of a time on Sunday fixing my front brakes. Figured it would only take me about and hour and a half. That’s how long it usually takes. But it turns out the guys at Discount Tire snapped off two of my wheel studs when I got new tires 6 months back. They had tightened the rest down with the gun too tight, so I snapped a third one off myself just trying to get the lug nut off. I was down to two.


This turned into a four and half hour ordeal. I had to put three new studs on. Getting those on is not easy. You really have to wrench on those things to get them in there.

I feel better today. But Monday and yesterday I was pretty sore all over. My legs were tight and pounding just walking up the stairs. My back and arms got a pretty good work out too.

Sadly coming out this morning I saw that a lug nut was loose so I wrenched it back down and snapped it off. Fuck. Now I’m down to four. I just can’t win with this vehicle.

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