Fire in Heaven

I know the ghost of angels say to kill. 
I know the philosophy in it still.
I know the world revolves around it now.
I know the sword fights like hell.
I know the blood of thunder tastes like rain.
I know the wrath of God is pain.
I know the structure of it now.
I know the reasons are the same.
I know the aptitude is light
I know the war is left to fight.
I know the choirs sing it loud.
I know the truth that it’s not right.


A long time ago I used to write poetry. Mostly in high school. However years later I was inspired to write this poem. I was never very good at poetry. I always preferred prose. But I did like this poem. It puts a picture in my head of a questioning archangel (Michael) in the middle of a war. How the line between black and white is told to him to be distinctive. Its been hammered into him forever. But yet as the last line of this poem reads he realizes that what he’s told isn’t necessarily how it is.

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  1. I think it’s wonderful, however you know me and my poetry.  To me poetry doesn’t always have to be fluid or make sense.  It’s what is in your soul and projected heavily on paper (or screen).
    I really liked this, but I also liked the poem you wrote me…

    Strawberry Crimson

    I know the ghosts of angels say to kill
    But I don’t think they feel that way still

    They lay down their wings for her
    Passing gold and silver rings to her
    Trying to appease her

    I step softly into the light
    I step fiercely into the light
    Offer nothing but the angels freight

    Banish the beasts of beauty from their desire
    They hold not candles to her fire.

    Their wish, their dreams to hold such charm
    No mortal ever they’ve seen has caused them such disarm

    And an angel leaned to me to plead
    I have created fire and the seas,
    But have never seen such beauty
    The way she…

    Be gone spirit angel

    Everything the strawberry crimson covers is bliss
    This is true, I admit
    Even so she kills with her kiss
    I should die myself, and myself alone by this
    What sweetness

    I will always cherish this poem.  Thank you so much!

  2. I really like this poem. It’s hard for me to like a lot of rhyming poems if they aren’t put to guitar tabs or piano notes, because they come off as really generic. But this poem is definitely liked by me. :)

  3. I also prefer prose. But I write poetry from time to time. I like this one though. Also, your header reminds me of Nevada. <- this was the main point of me commenting.  :]

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