Finding my xanga niche

I’ve been posting here since November 20th. So not very long. I haven’t had a lot of activity. My topics tend to be all over the place. I’m not a cute girl and don’t belong to the club of pseudo-celebrity bloggers that exist here and seem to the control the vast amount of people’s attention. I’m getting a picture painted in my head that there is a close knit family of bloggers here that all know each other and I’m not quite excepted yet.

If you’re here, looking at my blog, you’re going to find it hard to follow. I’m not at all consistent, I could go a week without saying anything and then post six entries all in the same day. I don’t stick to one set of subjects like relationships and sex (which seem to be the most popular here). At one time I could be talking about sex and the next I’m blogging about computer architecture, atheism or whatever. That’s just how my mind has always worked.

I don’t expect to get a lot of comments or a lot of views the way it is now. But this also isn’t my only blog, I’ve been on the internet for well over a decade and if you google “roxics” you’ll see years of legacy on messageboards and communities ranging from all types of topics including my personal wordpress blog, and my livejournal account which dates back to 2002.

That said, I figure, why do the same thing with this blog as I do with the others. So my wish with this blog is to be a little more consistent and stick to some set of topics. Maybe even gain a decent sized readership. It would be nice.

So based on what I’ve already written, what topics do you think I should stick to? Which ones interest you the most?


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  1. blog everything. i do.
    but if you want to keep it simple, relationships, life experiences, and opinions are popular.

    and i have a group of friends i consistently chat with, but am venturing out to see what the rest of the world is like.

  2. i blog all over the place subject-wise as well, as you get used to xanga, you’re going to find that there are people here that do a little of everything and there are people that stick to a few key subjects they are good at discussing… 

    i vote that you should write what you feel like writing, let your passions drive you and you’re less likely to get a writers block later.

  3. I agree, write what ever you feel like writing about.  I wouldn’t worry too much about what appeals to other people.  Blogging for me is an outlet and an ability to see things in a different way.

  4. @darkdreamerballerina – @Abigailigator – @jewjewbeedragon – I get what you guys are saying, but I also have to consider that I do have other blogs and other venues for saying what I wish about a particular subject. For instance if I blog about video cameras here, it’s more then likely going to fall on deaf ears. Whereas if I take that post and put it on a video camera message board, I’ll probably get a lot more hits and people with more of an opinion and interest on that subject.

    I’ve kind of realized that the xanga community seems to focus more of general topics that everyone can relate to, like sex, relationships, friendships, beliefs, interesting personal stories, day-in-the-life-of stories and pop culture. Even my long winded post about why I love my macbook seemed to get very little to no attention, because it was a little more in depth and technical.

    So I guess the question becomes, do you use xanga to post about everything without any regard to who is reading, as if it were a journal you keep under your bed, or do you focus more on what people are more likely to read in hopes to promote conversation?

    Considering I already have a personal “everything goes” livejournal, I’m thinking I’ll use xanga more for general topics I have something to say about. Topics people of all ages, genders and interests might actually read.

  5. @roxics – I guess what everyone is saying, is that it is your own free will to use this site for what ever you wish to. 
    Also I remember a certain “someone” saying … why don’t you just have one?
    Hmm… well if you want, use LJ for personal thoughts and Xanga for your more “political” thoughts… you know issues in society/life.

  6. I’ve been around here floating forever and still quite haven’t figured it all out. I blog about the random life situations I have, and it is pretty random. The only think consistent is that I write it and maybe the whining involved. The best thing to do is write what you are comfortable with even if you feel like you are writing to an empty room. It is real to you and that is all that matters. People of common interests eventually find you. You could seek them out through the blogrings. The short answer. idk really.

  7. So, I can sort of identify with wanting to be 20 again, only I just turned 21, and I’m wishing I were 17 again. Because I honestly have no idea at all what the heck happened to the past 4 years.

    If you’re going to run around and be crazy, find people to do it with, and do it in the name of running around and being crazy… Don’t go to school to do it… hehe.

  8. a community is made up of people, not topics. relate to them, not their interests. the real close knits appreciate one another because of their tendency to avoid the mainstream.
    the mainstream will eat you.

    then again, i don’t have hundreds of comments on a daily basis. or any, anymore. hell, i don’t even capitalize.

  9. If we completely replicate our bodies, why don’t we dramatically change? I.E When I am prior to the age of 14 I may have high cheekbones, but if that all changes why don’t my facial characteristics change when I am 23?

  10. Ahem…sorry about that. I was thinking of another post you wrote. I think you should blog about anything you like. Stories always do well, however, if you write about literature and architecture you will have me as a reader for life!

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