Fashion Passion

For a couple years, in fact even longer then that, I’ve had many ideas relating to fashion. You might not know this about me, but even way back in my early years of high school I was modifying some of my clothing and even made myself a beret that I wore for years. I even had a pattern made and several copies produced in another color. I remember a time when I was walking through the mall and a younger guy about my age asked me where he could buy one of them. I told him he couldn’t, it was hand made. Although I had given a few copies always to friends who wanted one of their own.

I’ll have to dig up a picture of find the beret and take a new one. I haven’t really worn it in years. It could also use a little updating.

But anyway. The point is, I’ve had many fashion ideas over the years and lately I feel like I’ve been getting filled with a ton of them. I’m seriously considering mocking some of these designs up and maybe/hopefully even selling them. I’ve had a couple people offer to help me, including my lovely girlfriend.

I’m still debating a name, but after several idea’s I’m thinking of calling it SOBO (pronouced: Sob
 oh). Which is short for Sobotics. I had been considering calling it SOBO | MIKE TESH but instead I’m thinking about leaving my name out of it and then I can easy append style/make types to it like SOBO CLASSICO, SOBO COUTURE and SOBO MANUAL. Plus I never really thought my name had a very good ring to it.

Other names I was considering:

But I don’t know, I think SOBO might be better. It was my first choice and a friend of mine agreed it was better then the other two. Although I do really like the other two.

I’m playing with logo designs right now.

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  1. Not Fierceton.  Please.  I know “fierce” is a popular word in that industry, but Fierceton brings images to my head of a Princeton chock full of preppy, flaming gay men.  It’s a weird mental image, but if that’s what you’re going for, who am I to stop you?  I’m sure it would sell well to that demographic.

    I like SOBO COUTURE or SOBO MANUAL (although the first O being sort kinda throws me off).

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