Ever get the feeling life is about to get hard?

My dad used to say “you have good weeks and bad weeks”. I thought this was an interesting twist on the “good days and bad days” saying. Honestly it’s a little less predictable then that. It could be days, weeks or months at different times for different people. But there is definitely a swing in what some people might call luck.

I have to admit, things have been going pretty decent for me up until recently. I’m getting the feeling things are about to start going south for me pretty soon, if not already.

1. Tonight on the way home from my sisters I hit a pothole and blew out one of my back tires. That’s going to cost me at least $50 to get fixed, not to mention I have to work tomorrow and I don’t know how I’m going to get there. I think I’ll need to take a half day off to go and get it fixed. Which in general seems pretty pointless to me, I mean, it’s kind of shitty we have to go in to work for one day as it is, nobody is going to be doing anything important, so for me to go in at all and drive the hour to and from for only four hours of doing basically nothing, well it just seems pointless. But otherwise I’m going to lose the money if I don’t go in, as it stands right now, looks like I’m going to lose half a days pay anyway. I also don’t like how that makes me look at work, considering the economy the last thing I want right now is to lose my job.

2. Money is really tight right now, so much so I’m pretty broke. I may have enough to cover my tire getting fixed but then I won’t have anything else in my pocket. I don’t know how I’m going to cover gas and food and everything else until next Wednesday; pay day. Christmas left me drained.

3. I’ve been getting a pretty bad toothache the last week and a half. I know I need to go see a dentist and really want to go between now and the end of the year so I can use my allotted dental coverage for this year, which I haven’t used at all yet. But I don’t get paid until the last day of the year and also don’t want to spend new years eve in pain from dental work that day, if they’re even open. So I’m pretty much too late. Another year goes by where I didn’t use my dental coverage for that year. I should have since I do have some work that needs to get done. I can’t go any sooner because I’m broke and don’t have the money for the co-pay/deducible. I was really hoping I could have some work done this month and have it covered by this year’s coverage and then go in to have the work completed in January using next years coverage. But that’s not going to happen, so I miss out on my coverage for this past year. Stupid me, should have went in earlier in the year. But it’s just even so much worse that now I have a toothache, now I can still used this years coverage, but I’m broke and can’t pay the co-pay/deductible.

4. I was also told some news last night/tonight which has me concerned. Nothing to really do or think about too much for the moment, but concern for the future nonetheless.

5. I’m also not excited about 3-4 months of heavy winter in front of me. Including the month of March which is the least favorite of the year for me. The last couple several March hasn’t been a very good month for me. I have a tendency to go a little batty that month for some reason. It’s like a werewolf thing for me. But instead of a full moon it’s the month or March.

I’m starting to feel like the luck is about to go downhill for a while.

Isn’t it funny how most peoples problems in life seem to stem from one of three things, health, money or relationships. But then, I guess those three things cover a lot of ground.

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  1. Roxics my dear, I am an old fart, lol. I feel like one anyway. It’s funny you should always make a blog about the very things that plague us humans. Two months ago I was beside myself with joy at the thought of becoming a volunteer at the SPCA and putting my veterinary assistant degree to good use. My oldest daughter had returned home after 3 years and my family was complete once more. As I waited to attend the first training session, I got sick with the flu that kept me mostly in bed for 2 weeks (I am a diabetic so I can only take specific medication), my oldest daughter had a breakdown over her failed 3+ yr relationship, my second daughter threated to commit suicide again due to her rape, I went into chronic depression, my youngest daughter (12) went off our block, we couldn’t find her for several hours and I thought the worst due to her sister’s rape… I almost had a heart attack, later I had a problem with a tooth that ended up with half of my face and mouth getting swollen to the point I couldn’t swallow, more of the kitchen roof began to fall, the main thermostat doesn’t work so my house is very cold and last week I fell down the basement steps which ended up aggrivating several old injuries from a car accident.

    It’s moments like this that make me want to scream and jump off the highest building that I can find. But then it takes someone to slap me with a bit of reality. So… with that being said; SLAP! Don’t let life bring you down, I’m the queen of that and it is very bad to live that way. So please if you need a SLAP, don’t hesitate to send me a message. When you hear the shitty life I have lived, you will feel like a million bucks I promise you.

  2. @Tiger11007 – Thanks. But I know it might just be a down swing. Eventually it all goes back up. Such is life. In fact it just went back up today a little bit. I found out I had a spare tire in the garage, rim and all, so I fixed that for free. Discovered I had more money in my pocket then I thought, my toothache seems to have gone away and I got the day off of work. Yay!

    Sorry to hear about all the bad stuff going on in your life. I hope it improves as I’m sure it will.

  3. I know how that feels… but everything’s gonna be alright… This time will also pass away like the other bad times… and hey! I’ve just added an entry that’s dedicated 2 u… do come over…

  4. beware the ides of march.  :)

    I agree that life seems to work more on a pendulum.  We’ll have a good season and a bad one.  It seems like the world is bracing for a bad season.  Personally I am trying to see the positive in my life around the recent unfortunate events.  Hopefully that will keep my luck from going completely south. 

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