Equality Equals Out

I was out with my lovely girlfriend, her girlfriend and her girlfriends boyfriend the other night at the bar. The girls ran up to the bar to get drinks and him and I talked about… I don’t know, guy stuff. It seemed like it took them a while and when they came back they had made a comment about how the female bartenders favor the guys. It got me thinking, at one point in time females weren’t bartenders. They weren’t allowed to be (such is my assumption). But it seems like most clubs and many bars today have predominantly female bartenders. I understand why, it draws in the guys. But it had never occurred to me that they might favor the guys. I guess this makes sense, most are probably attracted to guys.

It just got me thinking how for so long females weren’t allowed to do certain things, because men said so, but once those rules changed, after time, it has actually only helped the guys. There are plenty of other scenarios where this occurs and scenarios where the reverse is true, men favoring women. I guess all is fair in equality. It all equals out in the end.

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  1. Very true. But then again, if women weren’t allowed to work there wouldn’t be an issue with unemployment, because there would be enough jobs for the men, because the women weren’t in there. *ducks the cyber bullet*

    Don’t take me seriously, sometimes I like to be shocking, for the sake of being shocking.

  2. @jewjewbeedragon – You medieval lady! I have always kind of wondered what the princesses, queens, and ladies of the medieval ages felt like. I mean, when they sat on the dais and watched men get beat to pulps, all for a look, a flower, or a kiss. It’s kind of interesting, isn’t it?

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