Electronic Tattoos

Last night I had a dream of a grand parade. There were sand colored roman columns nearly six stories tall that lined a mall that was easily a half a mile long. Think of the visuals from the film “300” because that’s what this dream was like, probably inspired by seeing a trailer for the film earlier in the day.

At one point I was riding on a chariot being pulled by an elaborately decorated elephant. The guy holding the reins had a bald head that was covered in a tattoo. Face and all. The blue ink of the tattoo however was somehow controlled by him. He was able to make it fade in and out and control the design on his head. As he waved to the thousands of parade watchers we passed by he would make his ink swirl around and create strange designs, even simulating hair and a beard at one point. Then he did the most amazing thing, he made his entire head disappear. Thinking about the logic of this after I had awoken from the dream, it occurred to me that perhaps the ink was also some type of light receptor, like a camera lens. What it saw on one side it could display on the other and vice versa in a 360 degree manner so as to make it appear his head was missing when in fact it was an illusion created by his tattoo ink.

I’ve never been a big fan of tattoos. I just don’t think permanently allowing someone else to draw artwork on your body is the greatest idea. Especially if it’s not even an original design you created. I guess it’s because I know life is long and I personally go through phases as I grow older. What I enjoyed five years ago isn’t necessarily as important to me today and so on. Well you get the point. But as a result I don’t have any tattoos myself. However what I saw in this dream was appealing to me. If it were real I’d be half tempted to get it done, especially since the ink could even be shut off to the point were it appears you don’t have any work done at all.

Perhaps this is a technology we’ll see in the future. I know tattoo ink technology is evolving. I’ve recently heard of a new type of ink can be removed after one laser treatment. So it’s not as permanent as most tattoos, but it’s also not as short lived as henna ink. Then there is also e-ink which is beginning to be used in display technology for electronics. So perhaps one day these will collide.

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