DRM, Gun Control and the War on Drugs

What do all of these have in common? None of them stop the criminals from getting what they want, they only stop good people from getting what they want.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is placed on some purchased media content you download. The idea is that it’s supposed to prevent piracy. But it doesn’t. The pirates just download the non-DRM stuff which is often higher quality and more versatile. Meanwhile those honest people who paid for the purchase are left jumping through hoops and limited on what devices they can play that content on.

Gun Control is the idea of taking away a persons right to bare arms and defend themselves. Meanwhile the criminals are running around with guns and preying on a defenseless population.
It’s as if Gun Control was thought up by the criminals themselves.

The War on Drugs hasn’t stopped drug use. Most people understand the dangers of these drugs and don’t use them. But for those that do, they end up with unregulated substances that are cut with any variety of elements (household cleaners, ect) and potency. Not to mention the untold number of deaths and prison sentences due to illegal drug trafficking and teenagers who are forced to “shop” for their drugs in dangerous locations.

I personally believe that the idea of policing these things is an old world mentality. Moving forward I think we as a society would be better served using the money we currently use policing, to instead educate the public.

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  1. I agree 100%! I buy it so I have the right to use it how I want even copy it and put it on my phone, mp3 player, or even my personal media player. 

    As for guns, well I live in Texas were a 80 year old grandmother shot and killed a guy who tried to rob her!  Now tell me after reading that story some muggers and robbers don’t think twice about robbing someone in Texas.  In a Wal-Mart in North Texas a guy tried to rob the cashiers.  There was an off duty police officer working security who was disarmed by the robber when taken by surprise.  The robber shot one cashier and was going to shoot another then 2 customers pulled guns and shot him dead!  This was not long after Texas passed the Concealed Carry Law and both were licensed to carry concealed guns.  Now Wal-Mart had signs saying “No Concealed Weapons” but didn’t charge the two customers with any crimes and even took down all the signs in Texas that said that.  Now I can bet 99% of all criminals think three times before trying to rob a Wal-Mart with customers around! In Texas you don’t know who has a concealed hand gun and I think this helps keep crime down. 

    If you outlaw guns, then outlaws will be the only ones with guns!

    I say in the imfamous words of Charlton Heston “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hand!”…. “You damn dirty ape” lol  

    Sorry had to add that last part for a laugh!  Now.. “Let my people go!” lol Ok I will stop…

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