So I met up with some of my buddies at the club last night. At some point I start talking to my friend Tom who I grew up across the street from and have known since second grade. He’s really happy to see me, two sheets to the wind and acting like the class comedian. At some point he starts talking to me about something and says

“You know like these douchey guys who wear scarves and type on their macs in starbucks, like hey look at me  and my scarf.”

The entire time he’s saying this I’m looking over and him and thinking to myself

“Hey I wear scarves and used to own a macbook and plan to buy another. Minus the starbucks thing you’re talking about me here.”

Of course he didn’t realize he was talking about me when he said it, because at the time I wasn’t wearing a scarf and the macbook was replaced by a Bud Light Atwater Brewery Winter Bock (gotta watch myself there).

But it got me thinking, people are using this term douchebag or douche or whatever to describe almost every type of guy these days.

I can just see the guys with the two layers of double popped collar polo shirts standing there making comments about the douchebag  in the t-shirt and jeans over there.

The Classic Douchebag.

It doesn’t seem to entail a certain type of guy anymore like it used to. People use it all the time to describe anybody they don’t like the looks of. It’s now become interchangeable with snob, geek, hipster, jock, prep, you name it. I’m starting to think it’s getting out of control.

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  1. This made my night! The only thing wrong with it was the fact the you were drinking Bud Light : )

    I know far too many people that look like the guy in that picture. And they are all ‘classic’ douchebags.

  2. Hmmm. I am that girl on my laptop in Barnes & Noble wearing scarf, skinny jeans and flats. Noone has ever called me a douchebag for it. Of course, I think in our culture it is considered more “okay” for a girl to be nerdy-ish. But when I think of classic douchebag, I think the guy above–typical frat boy type. 

  3. @Peridot21 – NOOOOOOOO! Lol. Please don’t be one of those girls who goes for such guys. It’s not even the way he’s dressed that concerns me most. To me it’s more that guys like this are usually so narrow minded. 

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