5 thoughts on “Does Free Will Exist?

  1. This is a really good “educational” type of vblog. :)

    Free will is one of those ideas that makes people feel like they are in control. Laws, morals, others opinions shape how we act or what we do.

  2. so you had no choice but to make that video?
    can the beauty pagent contestant use that as an excuse when the porn pops up out of someone’s hidden shoebox to bite her in the sweet ass during the competition?  “see judges, i had no choice.  after all, do any of us really ever have any choice in our lives?”

  3. @curtainsopen - That’s the general idea, yes. But of course we have problems with this because it’s not how we percieve things in the here and now. It’s also hard for us to accept because, like you pretty much said, it takes out the notion of accountability. 

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