Do you take me for a preppy asshole?

I’m always amazed when people assume I am some kind of preppy abercrombie & fitch wearing douchebag. Apparently to some people I give that as a first impression. But it’s funny because I’m not. I used to make fun of those people in high school. I’m sure they made fun of us in return with our black t-shirts and our industrial music. But I was never a jock. I never played sports. I was never in band. I was skipping school and making movies. I was staying up all night writing poetry and reading philosophy books. I was sitting in Denny’s for hours on end with friends smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. All my friends were in Nirvana rip-off bands.

We were burnouts or alterna-teens or rivetheads or whatever you want to label us as. Which is why I find it so intriguing these days when people assume I was some kind of polo shirt wearing, Dave Matthews listening uber-douche back in the day. Hey, I’ve chilled out. I’ve gotten with the program. I’m 31 and I have a 6 year old kid. You can’t forever look like a rebel and expect adults to take you seriously. Not to mention you mature and learn what works and what doesn’t work.

Hey, but I still have it in me. I’m now a professional artist. I’m still a huge geek. But I’ll never be a preppy motherfucker because it’s not in my core.

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  1. you looked like a harley davidson biker gang guy in your other profile picture wearing the bandana, sunglasses and goatee. your current picture, you look like a painter artist from paris. I think it is the goatee. preppy guys are usually clean shaven.

  2. I guess I could see how one might assume you were pretty preppy, but I don’t get that impression. Maybe because you’re not wearing the alligator t-shirt and talking about your golf game? I definitely see you as an artist, perhaps a bit of a ladies’ man (and by that I mean an appreciative, attentive lover and not a “player”).

    Anyway, labels suck, but use them to your advantage. Let people think you’re a preppy guy and then show them up.

  3. “skipping school and making movies. I was staying up all night writing poetry and reading philosophy books.”

    not sure about the skipping school bit but the rest makes me think we’d get along real well. Are you a photographer?

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