Do you shave your pubic hair?

I was reading the lovelyish article about shaving legs and underarms and a couple of people mentioned shaving their pubic hair. I’ve also seen some guys on here mention that women who don’t shave their pubic hair are disgusting.

I’m curious to know the exact definition of “shaving your pubic hair”. Are we talking trimming it or are we talking totally shaved.

So two questions:

1. Do you trim your pubic hair or do you shave it completely or do you go all natural?

2. Do you prefer your significant other/partners trimmed, shaved or natural?

Personally I find completely shaved women the most attractive. Though I have no issue with any other state. Now I’ve heard some women take issue with completely shaving, saying that guys who like that are perverted and basically want to be with a little girl. I don’t agree with that. But I will say that by nature men are attracted to younger women so the more women do to make themselves smooth and younger looking the more likely men are to be attracted to them.
Personally I’m a trimmer myself. There are two reasons for this. The first is that it can be really complicated to shave completely for a guy. The second reason is because my girlfriend doesn’t seem to like the idea of me going completely shaved. So I’m curious to know the answer to my second question above. Because personally I’d love to go completely smooth but I’m just not sure it’s as acceptable for guys who aren’t gay. 

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  1. 1. Laser hair removal ftw!

    2. Definitely at least trimmed… it’s sort of gross to go down on my guy and have hair getting stuck in my teeth (yes, has happened before… total EWWW!). I don’t think it needs to be completely shaved though… and I think I’d be sort of terrified if I were a guy of having anything sharp, even just a razor, down there… *shudder*

  2. I trim because of aesthetics and also beacuse when you’re bushy and it’s hot and humid, you’re holding in all that extra heat and it’s un comfortable. But it’s weird, I’ll trim (and be left with smooth/stubble) and then will let it grow all back out until I can’t stand looking/feeling it any more and repeat the process.

  3. Well I don’t shave but I do wax.
    Men i don’t think should go natural, it’s not really appealing. trimmed is the way to go… but not completely shaved. a little hair is better.. it’s more masculine in my opinion.

  4. I used to do all the shaving and waxing.  But it was painful and takes way too long, and it doesn’t last long enough for all the time I put into it.  So I spent $1800 on laser hair removal.  I did a full brazilian.  So no more hair!  Best money I ever spent.  Though the process itself is like torture…at least it lasts forever! 

    I’ve been with guys that completely shaved themselves.  And to be honest, I didn’t really notice!  I know that sounds weird….Afterward is when I realized there was no hair.  With guys, it’s just not such a big deal, I think.  Girls are a different story!  As long as the guy is at least trimmed, I’m perfectly happy. 

  5. 1.  I shave all but a “landing strip”, which I keep trimmed.

    2.  I prefer shaved balls with guys and the rest trimmed.  With women, I prefer completely or mostly shaved (like me).

  6. Well, you know how I feel, but I have shaved completely for a certain “someone”.  I don’t like to do it all the time mostly because the hair is there for a medical reason.  It keeps bad bacteria out!  For me, I’m sensitive and I get infections easily. 

    I don’t like how it feels when it grows back (especially with men).  It hurts and dries up while in cowgirl position.  It rubs raw in cowboy position!  That to me is NO fun.  Sex is not fun when it hurts.

    For me, a little trim is nice.  Women and men alike.  I definitely understand about getting hairs in between the teeth… it’s fun either.

  7. I completely shave. I just think it looks and feel better that way. Actually, the idea of laser hair removal seems more and more likely sometime in the future.

    In terms of guys, I don’t mind shaved, unshaved, or just trimmed. I suppose trimming up would probably be a good thing, but I don’t really have much of a preference. As long as it doesn’t tickle my nose while I’m down there, I’m okay.

  8. I shave completely, tried trimming for awhile but it didn’t do it for me :P For men I would have to say that trimmed is good, I have never had a nasty experiance with pubic hair on men so I tend not to really take notice. Personally I have a hard time with the notion of a guy shaving completely, the thought of a guy going down there with a razor makes me shudder, can’t imagine razor cuts on a penis would be very pleasant.

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