Do you shave your chest?

Guys do you shave your chest?

If so why? Otherwise why not?

Girls, do you like your guys with a shaved chest or not?

(Hugh Jackman and I share a similar amount of chest hair. Though mine goes a little wider. He seems to wear it well. I don’t like it much on me though.)

It all really depends on the guy and how hairy they are. Some guys are blessed with not being very hairy. Other guys like me have really hairy chests. In which case I like to shave it. I don’t completely bic it. Although I have in the past. But I’ve found that leaving about a quarter inch there seems to work best. Doesn’t itch as much and doesn’t disturb my girlfriend as much. She doesn’t like me shaving because she says it rubs her like sandpaper when we’re having sex. But I think the quarter inch is just the right amount. Doesn’t hurt her and looks decent.

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  1. I think I’ve always liked natural better… I don’t really know.  I just don’t like being rubbed raw.

  2. Well, my boyfriends didn’t have hairy chests, so I can’t really say.  I’d imagine I’d prefer shaved if they were really hairy (like sweater vest hairy).

  3. Personally I lovvee my boyfriend’s chest hair.  He doesn’t have a great deal, but what he does have is nice and soft and I would not want him to shave it. :)

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