Do you like your gender?

What if science allowed you to live for two hundred+ years in the body of an 18-25 year old without the affects of aging. Through the use of modern technology, anti aging and genetic manipulation. What if you also could be given the choice to pay $10,000 or so to switch your gender while still keeping the body of a 18-25 year old, just in the new gender. It would be based off your own natural genetics. It would just switch you to what you would have become if you were born a boy or a girl instead. Would you do it at some point? Would you decide that around the 100 year mark you might like to try living the next 50-100 years as the opposite gender? Or would you decline?

I ask this question because within the next 50-100 years this may become a reality and those of use living today if we’re lucky enough, might actually see the day this happens.

Some scientists say we are only 15-25 years away from stopping the effects of aging and possibly reversing it. We’ve already cracked the human genome and scientists are already working with its information to build ways that allow the body to regenerate itself. This includes regrowing teeth, missing limbs, resorting eye sight, hearing and curing the paralyzed as well as many other geneticly inherited diseases. Not to mention regenerating dying cells in the body which cause aging.

It’s no doubht that in time with the advances of science that what we refer to as modern day transgenders will one day be completely indistinguishable from their natural born gender counterparts.This means that for transgendered people the ability to alter their high, body shape, voice and even their reproductive organs to the point that they might be able to reproduce as the opposite gender from which they were born.

So as I asked above, if your life were longer and you could be given a new 18-25 year olds body in the opposite gender, would you take the chance to live the way the other half lives for a while? Or would you stay perpetually 18-25 as the gender you are today?

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  1. hahaha… sorry I’m laughing, but before I read your post, I had posted a blog about something very similar to this, although not changing or paying to have technology change me.  I most definitely would.  Even if I only were a guy for a week, I would pay the money.  Then I think I would pay it again to change back to normal and then stay.  HAHA, it’s so funny, how great minds think alike.

  2. Nah, I’m really satisfied being a woman, and I wouldn’t want to have a penis or grow facial hair. But it’s really cool that somday scientists may be able to do this.

  3. I’d love to be a man for at least a month. There are so many things I’ve been curious about.

  4. I don’t know about switching genders. I like being a guy. I certainly like the regenerative cell complex. Do you think that perhaps that might be the answer to immortality? If the body can regenerate itself, couldn’t one live forever?

  5. I’d try it out, but I doubt I could do it for years. I’d just want to try it out for a few months and thenm be able to go back if I don’t like it. xD

  6. I don’t think I’d want to live forever. I don’t think people were meant to live forever; that’s why we age and die.

    But if I had the chance to change my gender and see how the other half lives… I think I’d do it just out of curiosity. Plus, I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to have a dick. LoL. I want to know what it’s like to pee standing up and if it’s really that hard to aim. lol ;X There’s also a couple other things I’d like to know regarding the penis… hehe. ^_~

  7. If I were to consider this possibility, I would take it and still stay as a female. I’m not sure I’ll be psychologically (for lack of a better term) prepare to be a male. I like being a female and would enjoy living longer in my younger years.

  8. I would definitely stay female.  We have better clothes :)

    That said, I’m on the fence about living longer.  It’s hard enough to get by and actually enjoy yourself in the time we have, so I can’t imagine having to pull this off for even longer.  I would like to see more history happening, though, and have the time to enjoy more things and see the world.  Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll have the money or the time or the health to do that :o

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