Do I look fat?

Seriously my current profile picture makes me look a little round in the face. But the scale doesn’t say I’ve put on any weight. Must be the lighting. I don’t know. I wish I had the chiseled jaw, manly man look going for me. I guess that movie I was planning on directing and starring in should be given to someone else to star in. Though I’ll still direct. But I always had this fantasy of being an actor/director. I feel like I’m not quite buff enough or good looking enough to really pull off a leading role. I also think I have too much of a baby face. When people see me and talk to me they’re always surprised when I tell them I’m 29. They think I look 23-25. Well I’ll be thirty in less then a month, so that’s going to sound like even more of a shock.

I’m no good with ages. Have you seen these shows like The Bachlor?  Whenever I see these girls on there I always guess they are in their thirties, but it turns out they’re only 21 or 22 and I’m like “WTF?’ I don’t know if it’s the TV or their excessive tans or the fact that I’m just horrible at judging peoples ages myself. It’s the same with guys who work out and get all big, they look a lot older to me, only to discover they’re in their late teens or early twenties when I think they’re in their thirties.

Makes me wonder what’s wrong with me.

I noticed last night I have a bit of a widows peak going on. It’s not much, but I never saw this before. I feel like I’m starting to fall apart.  My brother is 14 years older then me and still has all his hair, so I take that as a good sign. But still I worry.


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  1. Some people just HAVE widows’ peaks… I have since I can remember.
    Also, you don’t look fat at all to me. Baby faces on guys, imo, are usually a good thing. You’re fine. No need to have the insecurity brewing, or at least recognize that it’s all in your head.

    I know what you mean about ages. I see girls my age with those excessive tans and I swear some of them have faces that look more aged than my mom’s (who’s 47). It’s kind of gross.

  2. dont worry.. i’m 19 and people tell me I look 15!!!! I’m in college.. I can’t get into any party without everyone being like “Who brought their little sister?”

  3. Wow, really don’t look fat..

    And I agree..I think tanning does horrible things to your skin…like making you AGE. I have very fair skin and I’m fine with that. I want to have nice skin when I get older!

  4. @CoileyCorey3 – I have very fair skin, too, but I think that looks way better than the overly-tan people.  I bet your skin looks lovely! (<–said in a non-creepy fashion ;])  Never really understood why people think that tan skin looks so good, anyways.

  5. I will be 27 in March and people are always shocked when they find out my age and then they nearly fall to the floor when I tell them I also have two kids. I am always guessed at early twenties, late teens and I am always, always, always carded when I go to a bar. I am the person that they take your ID and study it trying to make sure it is not fake. I feel ya’. 

  6. Everybody has those days where all their imperfections seem to show up when really most people don’t see them as such. It only adds character to your face and if I may say so you are a great looking guy.

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  8. I don’t understand why you’re feeling insecure with yourself.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with how you look!  You know you’re dead sexy!  Anywho… you all have a widows peak wrong.  It is not a receding hair line.  It in when your hair line comes to a point in the middle of the forehead… like dracula…
    Anyways… You know you’re hot!  You should still pursue your dreams.

  9. good god. are you serious?
    chill man.
    you look fine..handsome, younger than you really are and there’s no need for chiseled jaws and such nonsense.
    stop looking so closely in the mirror, it freaks everyone out.

  10. i am eighteen and get mistaken for being in grade eight… so don’t feel too awful. at least you won’t look ancient when you are fourty.

    everyone also says my hairline looks like i am losing my hair, when in reality i was born with that hairline.

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