Do black women fantasize about white guys?

Pop culture today leads us to believe that many white women have some kind of fantasy about being with a black dude with a big cock. Most of the time you end up seeing white chicks with black dudes when you see “interracial couples.”

So I’m curious, do black women ever fantasize about white guys? What is it that makes white guys stimulating to fantasize about if they/you do?

For the record, white guys have big cocks too. Just putting that out there.

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  1. The tall ones certainly do.

     I have never head a black woman say anything about white guys so far as them being white and having a thing thing for white meat. But I have heard them say an individual white guy is hot. Of the interracial couples I see around here. And there are a lot of them. Yes there are a lot more black men white girl couples than white man black girl couples. Other than numbers the other big difference I see is that the black girls i see with white men tend to be gorgeous (the guys tend to be good looking as well). They run a lot above average in beauty. Not so with black men with white girls. On average the girls are very average even if the man is good looking.

    That leads me to beleive that black girls do not have a thing for white guys and only end up with them when the white man heavily pursues her. And it tends to be a good looking white man who does that. That is just what I have seen. Holpfully some black women can give you better observations than I just did.

  2. I’m black and I have. I don’t specifically have fantasies about just any white guy (because they’re white), but moreless maybe a guy (who happens to be white) that I may be attracted to, if that makes sense.

  3. I used to have a thing for white boys. I mean I really don’t care what race a guy is. I think it was because thats what I was mostly around. Idk, I found them super attractive. I also think it had something to do with it not being the norm. It really just boiled down to that was who I was attracted to naturally. I also sometimes feel that when white guys date a blk girl she has to be stacked. I’m not saying that is true of every white guy…

  4. I do, but I fantasize about all races.  I have black friends who almost never find white guys cute – he would have to be exceptionally gorgeous (and some of these friends don’t find Latinos attractive either).  And there are other friends like me, who find attraction in everyday white guys.

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