Digital Cameras Part 2

It’s been just over two years since I first wrote about my thoughts on digital cameras. I figured I’d update that a little bit as a lot can happen in two years time, and has. For a year and a half now I’ve owned a Canon D300 digital SLR camera I bought used off ebay. It’s been a great camera for me and in that time I haven’t touched film. I’ve picked up my Nikon FE just to hold it in my hands for old times sake, but the poor thing I’m afraid won’t see any more action from me. I’m converted.

Whatever advantage film might have left over digital is pretty much moot at this point for me. Digital outweighs it in so many regards it’s not even funny. The speed and ease of use are probably at the top of my list followed by the experimentation factor. That is the ability to shoot a photo, check immediately how it looks and re shoot it if it didn’t come out how you expected. It takes away a huge learning curve to getting better at photography when you don’t have to jot down notes while shooting and wait to see your results from the lab before you can make a judgment call on what you should have done instead.

It took me a few months of using the camera before I felt comfortable enough shooting in RAW format. I had to find a work flow that was going to work for me and my computer at the time. But once I did start shooting RAW I was really surprised just how much detail and latitude the digital camera sensor really had.

It’s funny how fast the world can change. It wasn’t even a decade ago we had people on the internet debating about how film photography will be a mainstay. Then a few years later their tune changed to “film will always have a niche market”, and I do agree on that point, but now I never run across anyone shooting film either personally or professionally. The world has moved on and probably for the better. So with that said there really isn’t any reason for me to talk about the subject of film vs digital anymore.

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